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write a book – part 1

18 Dec, 2014

It is a common misconception that book writing is a difficult process. Believe it or not, it is a fairly easy process if you know what you’re doing and you have been doing things in an organized manner right from the start. Another misconception is that the writers just sit down with a blank paper […]

The Writing Process – Part 2

11 Dec, 2014

After applying the changes, and improving patches here and there you can go in for another round of critique and see if any further changes are required. After that you’ll finally have your final draft, then you can go about publishing your book, you can either self-publish it or go for the traditional way of […]

The Writing Process – Part 1

4 Dec, 2014 , , ,

If you plan to become a good writer then the first thing that you should concentrate on is the writing process. It is one of the stages of book writing that requires a lot of concentration and organization otherwise everything could go haywire. If you have made a plan for the writing process then you […]

The Book Editing Process — Part 2

27 Nov, 2014

If you aren’t up for the idea of editing the book yourself (which I don’t recommend) then you can always choose the services of a professional book editor. A book editor is also supposed to check on the technical aspects of the book before sending it for printing. For non-fiction books, it is the role […]

The Book Editing Process — Part 1

18 Nov, 2014

Book editing is one of the most important steps of book writing. It is a process that requires much concentration and focus because it involves the thorough analysis of the entire manuscript or the rough draft and turning it into a polished product by applying corrections wherever it is needed. It is very important to […]

basic steps of self-publishing — part 2

11 Nov, 2014

Printer – Use a printer to print the book. If you plan to use colors or images on the inside then it will cost more. You can also choose a four colour cover design for instance or a black and white one. For binding you can choose from these options: perfect bound, saddle stitch, ringed […]

basic steps of self-publishing — part 1

4 Nov, 2014

Get the ISBN International Standard Book Number and bar code – This step is mandatory if you ever want to sell your book. Even if you sell it at a garage sale, you still need this book number and bar code. Once you’ve obtained it, you should place it at the back of your book. […]

How to Write a Book on a Budget

28 Oct, 2014

In order to stick to the budget, it’s important that you do all the pre-editing work yourself to keep editing costs down. Check your ‘book’ for any grammatical errors and clean it up as much as possible before hiring an editor. Ask friends and family members to proof it for you too. This will save […]

Dream of writing a book?

21 Oct, 2014

Do you have a flair for writing and dream of becoming a good author? However you havea problem: financial constraints! Well gone are the days when writing and publishing a book were an expensive affair and not many could afford it. With the advent of computers, anyone can write a book and that too while […]

Traditional Publisher

14 Oct, 2014

When you choose a traditional publisher, you instantly get freedom from all the headaches and fuss because these publishers would do all the work on your behalf in return for a price! Here are some of the features of using the traditional publishing method: – Work – These publishers take on all the work which […]


7 Oct, 2014

Self-publishing is the act of publishing a book by the author himself without involving any third party publisher to aid in the process or to take over the process. Self-publishing is generally done at the author’s expense. Self-publishing is preferred by those who want to take the control in their own hands instead of relying […]

Self-Publish vs. Traditional Publisher

30 Sep, 2014

When it comes to publishing a book, there are lots of decisions that you have to make and options that you have to choose from before you are finally able to share your masterpiece with the world. There’s always the dilemma of whether you should self-publish your books or should you do things the traditional […]

Live Events Change Lives

15 Sep, 2014 , , , ,

The next few months are going to be very exciting and I have several opportunities for you that will radically change your professional and personal life. They are quickly approaching so here’s the scoop. You may know that I’m a BIG believer in LIVE events. Live events change lives! It did for me two times, […]

15 Minutes Per Day

1 Sep, 2014

I do believe you can write a book if you carve out just 15 minutes per day.  If you focus in on what it is you want to say and more importantly, focus in on what is something you know how to say, something that you’re good at and something you’re passionate about, then it will […]

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