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3 Ways to be More Productive Across the Board

26 Aug, 2021 , , ,

More productive? Most folks already find themselves overwhelmed and in a constant juggling act of tackling responsibilities on an everyday basis. These range from handling errands at home, to focusing on multiple projects and deadlines at work, and everything in between. Multitasking has become the norm. Isn’t that productive? Well, no. The problem is that […]

Time Management Tips for Busy People

16 Dec, 2015 , , ,

There’s only 23 hours and 56 minutes in the day, so make the best possible use of them. Unfortunately, many people struggle with poor time management. They may exhaust all of their time and resources on one task, without setting aside enough time for other tasks. That’s why today we’re going to reveal some effective […]

Is Your Office Clean or Dirty?

3 Nov, 2015 , , , , , , , ,

The cleanliness (or lack thereof) of your workspace may directly affect your productivity. People who work in dirty, cluttered offices tend to suffer from lower productivity levels when compared to people who work in clean and tidy offices. It’s just that simple. Unfortunately, though, maintaining a clean office isn’t always an easy task. When you […]

How to Stay Productive When Flying

28 Oct, 2015 , , , , ,

Are you planning to take one or more commercial flights this year? Well, you aren’t alone. According to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), air traffic controllers handle more than 23,000 flights per day! But while flying can be a huge time saver compared to driving, it can also sap your productivity. So today we’re […]

Beware! Checking Your Email May Hurt Your Productivity

13 Oct, 2015 , , ,

Email has become an integral part of our daily lives. Whether it’s for personal or professional purposes, the large majority of Americans check their email daily. While this habit may seem harmless enough, there’s new evidence suggesting that email can actually hurt your productivity levels. How Much Time Do We Spend Checking Email? According to […]

Daily Activities to Boost Your Productivity

3 Oct, 2015 , , , , ,

Do you struggle to maintain a high level of productivity throughout the day? If so, these activities may help! Complete the Hardest Task First When creating your “to do” list for the day, try placing the hardest task at the top of the list, knocking it out first. Many people dread certain tasks, and when […]

Creating a Limited ‘To Do’ List May Boost Productivity

30 Sep, 2015 , , , , , , ,

Creating a daily list of all things you wish to accomplish is a simple yet effective way to improve your productivity levels. When your workday begins, you can start at the top of the list, crossing out each task as you move on to the next. Because your daily tasks are written down on paper, […]

Mental Tricks to Boost Productivity Levels

19 Sep, 2015 , , , ,

Let Your Mind Wander This may sound counterproductive, but many people have reported a positive increase in productivity by allowing their mind to wander. As noted by Dr. Josh Davis, this allows individuals to come up with creative new ideas — ideas that may otherwise have gone unnoticed. So the next time you find yourself […]

How to Plan a Super-Productive Day

16 Sep, 2015 , , , ,

Get a Good Night’s Rest You can’t expect to have a super-productive day unless you get plenty of sleep the night before. Unfortunately, many people fall short of getting the recommended seven-to-eight hours of shut-eye per night. According to some statistics, as many as 70 million Americans suffer from sleep and/or wakefulness disorders. If you […]

Study: Security Measures May Hurt Worker Productivity

11 Sep, 2015 , , , , , , , , ,

Dell has published the findings from its global security study, revealing the dark side to increased cybersecurity measures. There’s no denying the fact that cyber attacks are on the rise. In 2013, the average cost of a cyber breach to an organization was $5.4 million, with the average cost per breached record being $191. Fast […]

Google Updates its Productivity Suite

5 Sep, 2015 , , , ,

Google has unveiled a series of new updates to its productivity suite which are aimed at enhancing the experience for educators and students. Google Voice Typing Among the changes includes the addition of a new tool that allows users to search for content and transfer that content to their computer using voice commands. Known as […]

Productivity Tips and Tricks for Travelers

26 Aug, 2015 , , ,

Bring Your Own Power Strip Why should you bring your power strip (or at least an outlet adapter) when traveling? Well, you never know how many power outlets will be available at your destination. If you arrive at your hotel and discover that it only has a single outlet you can get access to, you […]

Productivity Hacks

21 Aug, 2015 , , , ,

Being more productive means getting more done in less time or with less effort. It doesn’t necessarily mean working more! Here are some productivity hacks to try. Speech-to-Text Software Wouldn’t it be great if you could write an article, or even an entire novel, without ever typing or writing a single word? Well, you can […]

Lifestyle Changes to Improve Your Productivity

16 Aug, 2015 , , , , ,

Take a Vacation When was the last time you took a vacation? According to the nonprofit think-tank Center for Economic and Policy Research, nearly half of all US adults did not take a vacation in 2014. Even if an employer gives his or her employees X amount of vacation days per year, many workers simply […]

Is Clutter Affecting Your Ability to Produce Work?

10 Aug, 2015 , , , , , ,

The next time you enter your office to work, evaluate your surroundings and whether or not it’s clean. The truth is that most people with “desk jobs” work in a cluttered environment. It’s just something that comes with the territory. While having a cluttered desk may seem harmless enough, it could have a significant impact […]

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