Organization Products That Don’t Break the Bank

26 Apr, 2017 Personal Development

Maintaining an organized, clutter-free home and workspace will invite an equally organized and clutter-free headspace. It’s that time of year again: spring cleaning. Before you begin to unpack your mental clutter and reaffirm your goals and ambitions for the remainder of 2017, why not tackle the physical clutter that may be piling up in your […]

How to Be a Better Writer (According to Harvard University)

20 Apr, 2017 Book Writing

If you want to be a better writer, you’ve come to the right place! Our brains are essentially machines. They operate and process information in a measurable way, meaning writing can be broken down to a science. Of course, there are aspects of creativity and self-expression that make writing a true art form, yet there […]

10 Truths to Change Your Life

17 Apr, 2017 Self Improvement

There’s no better occasion than the here and now to turn your brain off autopilot and channel your attention towards the beauty and indeed, fragility of life. The 10 Truths you’re about to read are likely ones you know and have heard time and time again. But they need repeating and reminding, so we don’t […]

14 Signs of Emotional Intelligence Every Business Owner and Writer Needs

14 Apr, 2017 Book Writing

Emotional intelligence is an effectively intangible trait, yet its effects couldn’t be more relevant. ` In fact, 90% of top performers have outstanding emotional intelligence. Some tests offer scientific, quantifiable data to access emotional intelligence (EQ), but such tests usually come at a cost. Instead, here are surefire behaviors, pointing in the direction of high […]

The Branding Psychology of Your Color Palette

11 Apr, 2017 Design,Personal Development

The color palette of your book or brand is an important symbol of what your brand stands for. Before even reading the words, readers and clients will form conscious and subconscious associations with the colors you choose. In fact, over 90% of shoppers make a decision based on color and visual aesthetics! Make sure your […]

6 Criteria To A Great Title

11 Apr, 2017 Book Writing,Books and Literature

“What’s in a name?”, Shakespeare once said. Today we asked, “What’s in a title?” What about a great title? The truth is, your book could have some great, standout titles — the trick is finding it. Here are six criteria to a truly great title. 1. It Stands out and Is Distinctive. A great title […]

Professionalism On Social Media: 12 Do’s and Don’t’s

6 Apr, 2017 Book Writing

The extent of your brand used to be strictly face-value, but times have changed, and social media is very much in the mix. Are you supporting your image and business, by acting professionally on social media? 1. DO Keep Your Accounts Active Not only to serve your audience with consistent value but also to attract […]

Will You Join Me?

4 Apr, 2017 Book Writing,Events

This Spring is packed with back to back speaking engagements and while many of them are private corporate events, there are 4 “open to the public” events that I want to be sure you know about. You’re invited to all of them and I look forward to seeing you there! 1. Networking University – April […]

Do You Have Impostor Syndrome?

30 Mar, 2017 Personal Development

Impostor syndrome is the phenomenon when a high-achieving individual struggles with accepting their own accomplishments and holds anxiety about being exposed as a “fraud.” In simple terms, you are afraid of success and that fear of success holds you back from achieving your full potential. Perhaps it’s the book project you’ve been sitting on for […]

7 Unique Habits That Indicate Intelligence

29 Mar, 2017 Personal Development

How do you define intelligence? It’s not an easily defined concept and certainly doesn’t look the same for every person. Yet, researchers have found a collection of unique or “quirky” habits which may indicate intelligence and contribute to higher productivity, creativity, ingenuity, adaptability and ability to grasp complex ideas. 1. You’re a Bit Messy Especially […]

Feed Your Writer’s Brain with These Productivity Podcast

24 Mar, 2017 Book Writing

It’s time to grab your headphones and tune in for a little brain food! From productivity, motivation and writer’s tips, there’s a bit of something for everyone. 1. Invisibilia This podcast endeavors to bring to light the “invisible” parts of our world and society — the things you never think of but touch our lives […]

Is All Press Really Good Press? How to Deal with the Haters

22 Mar, 2017 Book Writing

The simple answer is no. Bad press exists, and unfortunately, some of it is malicious in its intent. When bad press strikes, you have the opportunity to react to in a multitude of ways. You can lash out, get angry and essentially give the “haters” exactly what they want OR you can be calm, cool, […]

6 Steps to Writing a Knockout Book Synopsis

17 Mar, 2017 Book Writing

A synopsis is a brief summary or survey of your book. It’s usually found on the inside jacket or back cover. The synopsis should give your reader a pretty good understanding of what your book is about, what its value is and draw them in enough to make a purchase. The importance of a book […]

Taking Time for YOU

15 Mar, 2017 Personal Development

Have you ever felt like you were trying too hard to focus on a task at work, but in the end found yourself clicking between e-mails and Facebook? That’s because it is impossible to focus 100% of the time on anything, the simple solution to this dilemma: take a break! The typical American mindset is […]

Using Facebook to Promote Your Book, Part II

13 Mar, 2017 Book Writing

Last week, we discussed the first 6 steps in the process. If you missed my post, check it out here! Today, let’s talk about the remOur next post will be on the remaining st 7. Create a Facebook Ad. Facebook ads are simple, cost effective and ideal for targeting a particular niche audience. Most people […]

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