Make a Standout Impression With Your Book Cover!

24 Feb, 2017 Book Writing

What makes a great first impression? For me, it’s a feeling of connection. When I meet a new person and strike up a conversation, I’m always left with a greater first impression, when we instantly click. That moment of connection or “click,” is different for everyone. The same goes for your book cover. Inevitably, your […]

What to Know Before Self-Publishing Your Book

22 Feb, 2017 Book Writing

Guess what? You have a story and your story MATTERS. I truly believe this — and so should you! Believing in your story and the power it has to change lives is a profound, life-changing revelation. The next step, is getting your book OUT of your head and ON paper — easier said than done, […]

Shedding Light on Productivity

21 Feb, 2017 Productivity

Did you know the recommended daily dosage of sun exposure is 15-30 minutes per day? Sun exposure is a major giver of vitamin D, which the body needs to regulate calcium and promote strong bone growth. Without it, bones, teeth and joints can weaken. However, there is another, unexpected benefit: sunlight contributes to high productivity, […]

Why Publishing Your EBook Is Easier Than You Think…

15 Feb, 2017 Book Writing

Are you ready to finally get your book OUT of your head and ON paper? It’s about time, and lucky for you, the pathway to publishing your book is easier than ever! There’s the traditional route of publishing a hard copy, or you could consider “getting with the times” and opting for an eBook. In […]

7 Apps Every Author Needs

10 Feb, 2017 Book Writing

Gone are the days where you need a high-end laptop or desktop to write your book. With a smartphone or tablet, you’re able to write, research book topics, make notes, list sources and plenty of other functions for creating your book– all on the go! As an author, it’s in your best interest to use […]

Ditching Distractions and Getting Focused

8 Feb, 2017 Personal Development

Distractions are everywhere. It’s become quite routine and even expected to wake up, first thing in the morning and reach for your phone, check your email, and maybe even Facebook. However, when we do so, we discount future gains because we’re so focused on the immediate gratification of information, entertainment or (you guessed it!) distraction. […]

4 Tips for Writing a Book on a Budget

3 Feb, 2017 Book Writing

So many of my authors share a mutual concern when it comes to writing their book: cost. And, unfortunately, it winds up being a big deterrent for many folks. When I see this happen, it truly makes me sad because I know everyone has a story and each story MATTERS. What a shame it would […]

Productivity Is All About Choices

2 Feb, 2017 Productivity

When it comes to productivity, it’s not about how good you are or how effective your strategies. It’s about the choices you make to achieve your goals and stay on track. We’re all guilty of making choices, which ultimately do not serve our greater purpose, and we’re typically unaware of the consequences we create. Sounds […]

12 Ways to Sit “Better” at Your Desk and Improve Your Posture

1 Feb, 2017 Health and Fitness,Home Furnishings,Personal Development

It’s pretty hard, if not impossible to avoid working at a desk. You might even be stuck there ALL DAY! It comes as no surprise, sitting for prolonged period, day after day, week after week, has serious consequences on your health. Even with a well-balanced diet and regular exercise, you cannot reverse the side effects […]

Don’t Treat Friday Like a Throwaway Workday

26 Jan, 2017 Productivity

Are you falling into one of the biggest productivity slip-ups of your career? Friday rolls around, and your brain goes into automatic weekend mode. Or maybe, you’re simply “getting through the day” and have already resigned to the fact you’re not getting much done. This is a silly mistake, folks! Don’t treat Friday like a […]

6 Habits of Success for the At-Home Worker

24 Jan, 2017 Personal Development

If you’re like 50% of the U.S. workforce, you’re able to work from home, at least some of the time. If you’re lucky, you’re among the 20-25% who work from home frequently, and fall into the category of “at-home worker.” Working from home certainly has its perks: More control over your schedule Save time and […]

Don’t Wait Another Year Dreaming About Becoming an Author!

20 Jan, 2017 Book Writing

“Book Bound By The Sea” is about a week away, and it’s going to be a packed house! There is still time to sign up! When you put dozens of like-minded authors together in the same place, it is nothing short of magic! Still on the fence?! Here are the top ten signs you’re ready for “Book […]

6 Important Lessons We Can Learn From Children

18 Jan, 2017 Personal Development

Through the honest, innocent eyes of a child, anything is possible. As we get older, it’s sometimes hard to believe we were children once, too! Imagine if you were to embrace life with childlike wonder. What would the possibilities be? This week, I invite you to take these six important lessons to transform: Your writing […]

A Year in Reflection…

16 Jan, 2017 Productivity

It’s already a few weeks into the New Year, but I still can’t get over how great 2016 was! Yes, there were challenges– when are there not? Yet, I continuously remind myself why I chase my passions every day in my business and personal life. In large part, it’s thanks to you– my reader! In celebration […]

How to Become a Better Nonfiction Writer in 2017

13 Jan, 2017 Book Writing

While 2017 is still fresh on the books, I’m committing myself to becoming a better, more effective nonfiction writer. Will you join me? I’ve written and published dozens of books, yet each new project somehow feels like the first time. I’m always learning something new: Powerful techniques for capturing my reader’s attention Ways of expressing myself, […]

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