6 Questions to Help You Discover Your Passion and Purpose

26 Oct, 2021 Personal Development,Principles,Self Improvement

Everyone has the opportunity to find their joy, carve out their niche, and identify a personalized and unique way to leave their mark on the world. But, sadly, most people are too “busy being busy” to truly discover their passion and purpose, and to use that as a concrete guide to a happier, more fulfilling, […]

How a DISC Profile Helps Build a Good Team

15 Oct, 2021 DISC,Leadership,Productivity

When it comes to building a good team in your workplace, it’s important to have in mind a DISC profile of your possible team members. This will help you make the best choices for your team. It also prevents hit and miss with your team’s eventual success. To be successful as a team, everyone needs […]

Build on Your Credibility: Give a Talk with Confidence

25 Sep, 2021 Motivational Speaking,Professional Development,Success

If you’ve positioned yourself as a voice of authority – perhaps by publishing a book or building a strong reputation in your field – then you’ll likely be asked to give a talk. This is because your initial success naturally leads to other opportunities. And speaking engagements are up there with the main ones. Leaders, […]

Authenticity – and Why it’s Important

15 Sep, 2021 Personal Development,Professional Development

Authenticity has become something of a buzz word and risks losing any real meaning if we’re not careful. So it’s worth looking at why it’s so important as a character trait. Think of the people you most admire and look up to. They might be larger-than-life global figures or folks in your everyday world. Chances […]

3 Ways to be More Productive Across the Board

26 Aug, 2021 Personal Development,Productivity,Professional Development

More productive? Most folks already find themselves overwhelmed and in a constant juggling act of tackling responsibilities on an everyday basis. These range from handling errands at home, to focusing on multiple projects and deadlines at work, and everything in between. Multitasking has become the norm. Isn’t that productive? Well, no. The problem is that […]

The Benefits of DISC Assessment: What You Need to Know

20 Aug, 2021 Leadership,Management,Productivity

The topic of DISC assessment is well worth looking at. In this article, we’ll explain why. If you’re involved in leadership, you already know that one of the biggest challenges is working with a wide range of very different people. Everyone has their own unique skill sets, personalities, and preferred work environment. And because of […]

How Becoming the Authority in Your Field Can Help Your Business

17 Aug, 2021 Book Writing,Brand Management,Business and Industrial

How Becoming the Authority in Your Field Can Help Your Business – Featuring Michelle Prince on The Entrepreneur MBA Podcast Listen to the Podcast or read the summary by clicking here: How Becoming The Authority In Your Field Can Help Your Business Michelle was a guest on Entrepreneur MBA and was interviewed by Stephen Halasnik […]

Limiting Beliefs and How to Eliminate Them

23 Jul, 2021 Personal Development,Professional Development,Self Improvement

No one thinks they have limiting beliefs. But what if we do? And does it matter? Chances are that you have a set of big lofty goals that have been lingering in your mind for a very long time. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to write a book? Or start a new career? Or travel the world? Despite your passions or current life path, […]

Leadership Tips: Soft Skills for New Managers

15 Jul, 2021 Leadership,Productivity

If you’re new to a leadership role of any kind, building your skills with these leadership tips is the key to success. Someone higher up has recognized your skills and expertise. You’ve taken a big step forward on your career path, regardless of where it leads. But you’re still a new manager! And although managers […]

5 Tips on How to Get Your Book Noticed on Amazon

24 Jun, 2021 General,Publishing,self-publishing

For many authors and self-publishers, Amazon is both the first step to marketing and publishing a book. It is also the gateway to eventual success. As the leading bookseller in the world, Amazon allows new authors the potential ability to reach millions of readers around the world. On the site, you will find success stories […]

How to Hire a Motivational Speaker

10 Jun, 2021 General,Motivational Speaking

Businesses and companies of all sizes can sometimes find themselves in a bit of a rut. A great way to boost morale, foster productivity, and generate a new sense of employee satisfaction and purpose is to look outside for a little help. A motivational speaker is a great way to generate a big boost, and […]

Busy Being Busy: How to Be More Productive

27 May, 2021 Book Writing,Productivity

If you’re like most ambitious and motivated people, then you are likely bogged down by a routine of “busy being busy.” Of course, it’s perfectly normal to feel like you’re constantly playing catch-up. But despite this common problem, being frantically busy is not a healthy mindset. Staying constantly busy, with a long to-do list that […]

Professional Development: Setting and Achieving Goals

13 May, 2021 General,Personal Development

Do you have a long list of action items that you want to accomplish, but haven’t quite gotten around to setting and achieving these goals? Or do you have a vague sense of how you want to move forward in your career, finances, or just in everyday life, but, don’t have a concrete path on […]

How to Outline a Non-Fiction Book

29 Apr, 2021 Book Writing,General

Whether you are a seasoned writer or just getting started on exploring a new craft, you may find that the initial steps to writing a complete non-fiction book can be a little daunting. You know what you want your story to be and have a good sense of how it should unfold, but how can […]

Why Developing Leadership Skills Will Benefit Your Life and Career

15 Apr, 2021 General,Leadership,Professional Development

Embarking on a leadership development program can improve your life in more ways than one. Strictly speaking, a leadership development program will help you perform better at your job. And help you communicate more effectively with your team members. As well as put you on a path for further opportunities in your career. But a […]

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