Feed Your Writer’s Brain with These Productivity Podcast

24 Mar, 2017 Book Writing

It’s time to grab your headphones and tune in for a little brain food! From productivity, motivation and writer’s tips, there’s a bit of something for everyone. 1. Invisibilia This podcast endeavors to bring to light the “invisible” parts of our world and society — the things you never think of but touch our lives […]

Is All Press Really Good Press? How to Deal with the Haters

22 Mar, 2017 Book Writing

The simple answer is no. Bad press exists, and unfortunately, some of it is malicious in its intent. When bad press strikes, you have the opportunity to react to in a multitude of ways. You can lash out, get angry and essentially give the “haters” exactly what they want OR you can be calm, cool, […]

6 Steps to Writing a Knockout Book Synopsis

17 Mar, 2017 Book Writing

A synopsis is a brief summary or survey of your book. It’s usually found on the inside jacket or back cover. The synopsis should give your reader a pretty good understanding of what your book is about, what its value is and draw them in enough to make a purchase. The importance of a book […]

Taking Time for YOU

15 Mar, 2017 Personal Development

Have you ever felt like you were trying too hard to focus on a task at work, but in the end found yourself clicking between e-mails and Facebook? That’s because it is impossible to focus 100% of the time on anything, the simple solution to this dilemma: take a break! The typical American mindset is […]

Using Facebook to Promote Your Book, Part II

13 Mar, 2017 Book Writing

Last week, we discussed the first 6 steps in the process. If you missed my post, check it out here! Today, let’s talk about the remOur next post will be on the remaining st 7. Create a Facebook Ad. Facebook ads are simple, cost effective and ideal for targeting a particular niche audience. Most people […]

Using Facebook to Promote Your Book

9 Mar, 2017 Book Writing

Raise your hand if you have a Facebook. Now, keep your hand raised if you’ve ever considered Facebook as a tool to promote your book or business. If you haven’t already, you should! Facebook may have started as a personal networking site, but it has become so much more. As an author, you should explore […]

The Different Personalities of Writers

7 Mar, 2017 Book Writing

What does a writer look like? How do they act? What are their strengths and weaknesses? HOW and WHY do they write in the first place? If you’ve been searching for definitive answers, stop now! No True Definition There is no singular definition of what a writer is. It’s one of the things I so […]

Year Round Gratitude — Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

6 Mar, 2017 Personal Development

“Comparison is the thief of joy.” – Theodore Roosevelt When I first heard that quote, it nearly knocked me off my feet! I’d never considered the disservice I was doing to myself by comparing my success and happiness to that of others. As they say, the grass is always greener, right? Sometimes, gratitude feels like […]

Productivity for When You’re on the Go

2 Mar, 2017 Productivity

Work doesn’t stop or slow down when you’re on the go. For many authors, business owners and entrepreneurs, travel is an inevitable (and exciting!) part of their careers. Through my own business and authorship, I’ve had the privilege and honor of traveling the world to meet and speak with like-minded individuals about goal-setting, productivity and, […]

Make a Standout Impression With Your Book Cover!

27 Feb, 2017 Book Writing

What makes a great first impression? For me, it’s a feeling of connection. When I meet a new person and strike up a conversation, I’m always left with a greater first impression, when we instantly click. That moment of connection or “click,” is different for everyone. The same goes for your book cover. Inevitably, your […]

What to Know Before Self-Publishing Your Book

22 Feb, 2017 Book Writing

Guess what? You have a story and your story MATTERS. I truly believe this — and so should you! Believing in your story and the power it has to change lives is a profound, life-changing revelation. The next step, is getting your book OUT of your head and ON paper — easier said than done, […]

Shedding Light on Productivity

20 Feb, 2017 Productivity

Did you know the recommended daily dosage of sun exposure is 15-30 minutes per day? Sun exposure is a major giver of vitamin D, which the body needs to regulate calcium and promote strong bone growth. Without it, bones, teeth and joints can weaken. However, there is another, unexpected benefit: sunlight contributes to high productivity, […]

Why Publishing Your EBook Is Easier Than You Think…

15 Feb, 2017 Book Writing

Are you ready to finally get your book OUT of your head and ON paper? It’s about time, and lucky for you, the pathway to publishing your book is easier than ever! There’s the traditional route of publishing a hard copy, or you could consider “getting with the times” and opting for an eBook. In […]

7 Apps Every Author Needs

13 Feb, 2017 Book Writing

Gone are the days where you need a high-end laptop or desktop to write your book. With a smartphone or tablet, you’re able to write, research book topics, make notes, list sources and plenty of other functions for creating your book– all on the go! As an author, it’s in your best interest to use […]

Ditching Distractions and Getting Focused

8 Feb, 2017 Personal Development

Distractions are everywhere. It’s become quite routine and even expected to wake up, first thing in the morning and reach for your phone, check your email, and maybe even Facebook. However, when we do so, we discount future gains because we’re so focused on the immediate gratification of information, entertainment or (you guessed it!) distraction. […]

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