The Writing Process – Part 2

11 Dec, 2014 Book Writing

After applying the changes, and improving patches here and there you can go in for another round of critique and see if any further changes are required. After that you’ll finally have your final draft, then you can go about publishing your book, you can either self-publish it or go for the traditional way of publishing.

So how long does the writing process takes? The answer lies in the individual’s speed and skill. It is not possible to generalize a specific amount of time because different people have different speeds of writing a book. While some can churn out a good book in less than a day, some take years to complete a book. The question is actually quite complex but the truth is that one can write a complete book much faster than what one believes! The time taken for completing the writing process also depends on a lot of factors.

New writers often worry about how much time it would take to write a book. I reocommend writing without worrying about the time because if the end result is good, then it is worth the time!


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