basic steps of self-publishing — part 1

4 Nov, 2014 Book Writing

  1. Get the ISBN International Standard Book Number and bar code – This step is mandatory if you ever want to sell your book. Even if you sell it at a garage sale, you still need this book number and bar code. Once you’ve obtained it, you should place it at the back of your book. You can check out, it costs around $100. If you want to create a website then it can take up to 8 weeks. The book title, author and publisher information is mandatory.
  2. If you have already finalized a book title then you only have to look for a URL and purchase it if it’s available. You can use the services of Go Daddy, costs only $10 per annum. You can also check from Google or Amazon to find similar titles.
  3. CIP and PCIP – This is optional, you can chose to ignore it if you don’t plan to have your book kept in the library. If you do want to go for it then the cost is $100.
  4. Copyright registration – You can put a copyright notice on each of the page to protect your book. This costs about $150.
  5. Sales tax number – You don’t require a unique tax number for books, you can use the one you have. If you don’t you have to register with the country or state. Sales tax is not applicable on speaking fees or coaching fees or on books that are bundled with seminar, but of course you need to check with your attorney to be sure that is the case for you.


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