Dream of writing a book?

21 Oct, 2014 Book Writing

Do you have a flair for writing and dream of becoming a good author? However you havea problem: financial constraints! Well gone are the days when writing and publishing a book were an expensive affair and not many could afford it. With the advent of computers, anyone can write a book and that too while maintaining a strict budget! The key is to self-publish your book.

A lot of authors use the services of a ghostwriter to write an entire book or a part of the book for them. This can be quite costly and it is certainly one of those things that you should stay away from if you’re planning to write a book on a budget.

When you choose to write the entire book yourself, you’re saving a lot of money right from the start! You have to learn how to organize all your ideas and bits and pieces into a good book, one that is complete with an introduction and a conclusion or a prologue and an epilogue if you’re writing a fiction book.


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