Month: October 2014

How to Write a Book on a Budget

28 Oct, 2014

In order to stick to the budget, it’s important that you do all the pre-editing work yourself to keep editing costs down. Check your ‘book’ for any grammatical errors and clean it up as much as possible before hiring an editor. Ask friends and family members to proof it for you too. This will save […]

The Power of Thoughts

28 Oct, 2014

Thoughts have power. They drive our decisions, our goals, our dreams, and ultimately our lives. Are you living the life you’ve always dreamed of living? If not, then what were you thinking? What were you telling yourself all these years to get where you are today? Did you believe you were worthy of success, or did […]

Dream of writing a book?

21 Oct, 2014

Do you have a flair for writing and dream of becoming a good author? However you havea problem: financial constraints! Well gone are the days when writing and publishing a book were an expensive affair and not many could afford it. With the advent of computers, anyone can write a book and that too while […]

Release the Junk!

21 Oct, 2014

How many people do you know who can still recall some of the terrible things that happened to them years, even decades ago? I know a woman in her mid-sixties who can still remember names that the “mean kids” called her in elementary school. That’s a long time to carry around that memory. I wonder […]

Dust Off Your Dreams

18 Oct, 2014

Most people have dreams. Some might not put them into action but they still have them, pushed into the recesses of their minds. “Some day,” they’ll tell you, “I will accomplish XXX.” What are they waiting for? Why do they settle for living a mediocre life rather than an exceptional one? Why do they think they […]

Traditional Publisher

14 Oct, 2014

When you choose a traditional publisher, you instantly get freedom from all the headaches and fuss because these publishers would do all the work on your behalf in return for a price! Here are some of the features of using the traditional publishing method: – Work – These publishers take on all the work which […]

What’s on Your Unhappiness Laundry List?

14 Oct, 2014

What’s on your unhappiness laundry list? Go ahead; make that list. Here are some samples: Not enough money. Too busy. Betsy is always in a bad mood. Bruce never does want I want him to. My sister acts so nasty toward me. There’s no reason for her to be nasty! What can you do to […]

Practice Discipline and Motivation

11 Oct, 2014

Discipline and motivation are vital to overcoming procrastination. Ask anyone whom you consider successful how they manage to continuously work on their goals, and never stop until they reach the finish line. I bet they’ll say it takes discipline to stay focused and keep going even when the going is tough or unpleasant. Practice focusing […]


7 Oct, 2014

Self-publishing is the act of publishing a book by the author himself without involving any third party publisher to aid in the process or to take over the process. Self-publishing is generally done at the author’s expense. Self-publishing is preferred by those who want to take the control in their own hands instead of relying […]

Have an Attitude of Gratitude

7 Oct, 2014

Have an attitude of gratitude. Make a choice to be grateful and happy. Be grateful for the job you have, even if you are not happy in that job. Be grateful for your co-workers, even though they may drive you crazy. Be grateful for your boss who is hard on you, but also challenges you, […]

Identify What’s Holding You Back

4 Oct, 2014 ,

Take a close look at yourself and identify any behaviors that could be related to fear, anxiety, concentration or time management. Understand why you have these behaviors and try to eliminate them. Understand your goals and your purpose. What is it you really want to accomplish? How do you want to live, act and feel? […]

Compliments are Positive Energy

1 Oct, 2014

Focusing on good things makes us feel good. Has anyone ever paid you a compliment that you didn’t accept? For example, has someone told you your new dress is very becoming and you responded by saying, “Oh, this old thing?”Maybe at work someone complimented you on a job well done and you responded, “It was […]

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