Month: May 2017

5 Ways to Nourish Your Mind

30 May, 2017 ,

What input is your brain receiving? Are the external stimuli, information and knowledge you filter through your mind, helping or harming you? Let’s tune into the Mental spoke of the “Wheel of Life,” created by none other than Zig Ziglar, himself. Why is mental awareness so important? The way you think impacts the opinions you […]

Creating Spiritual Success on Your “Wheel of Life”

23 May, 2017 , ,

The “Wheel of Life,” as created by Zig Ziglar, is comprised of seven spokes: Mental Spiritual Physical Personal Financial Career Family When we consider the idea that true success is when we achieve balance, then a successful “Wheel of Life” is when all seven spokes are even and working harmoniously. Today, I’d like to touch […]

You Have to Take the Stairs

15 May, 2017 ,

A couple of months ago I had the supreme privilege of participating in a Ziglar original documentary called, “Zig: You Were Born to Win.” The documentary details success stories from a handful of mentees, touched by Zig’s legacy who have gone on to inspire and change the world in their own unique ways. I couldn’t […]

5 Ways to Build Your UNIQUE Platform

11 May, 2017 , , ,

If you don’t have a platform, there’s no way for people to know about you. If people don’t know about you, you can’t change their lives or leave a legacy. Check out my recent post on Platforms, Prosperity & Peace. Your platform doesn’t have to be a stage or a website. It could be your […]

The “PRINCE”-iples of Success Pt. 4: Platform, Prosperity & Peace

10 May, 2017 ,

Here we are… the final installment of the “PRINCE”-iples of Success four-part series. I’m confident by reading along, going through the exercises and committing yourself to results, you will absolutely find success — however YOU define it. Remember, here are the first 4 “PRINCE”-iple of Success: Passion Purpose Priorities Performance Next up… 5. Platform Once […]

The “PRINCE”-iples of Success Pt. 3: Priorities & Performance

8 May, 2017 , , , ,

If you’ve made it this far into the “PRINCE”-iples of Success series, congratulations! You’ve clearly made the decision to commit to yourself, your goals and your story, and for that I applaud you! Before we jump into the nitty-gritty of the next two “PRINCE”-iples, let’s re-cap what we’ve already discussed. From “PRINCE”-iple of Success Pt. […]

10 Ways Helping Others Can Help You

5 May, 2017 , ,

The selfless act of volunteering and all the good it brings to others should be enough to motivate you, right? And, maybe it does! But, when you can see the direct value to yourself, as well, it’s an incredibly big motivation! Don’t worry, the thought does count for something, but you can also gain a […]

The “PRINCE”-iples of Success, Pt. 2: 6 Questions

3 May, 2017 , , , ,

Welcome back to our “PRINCE”-iples of Success blog series! In our last post, we defined the first two “PRINCE”-iples of Success: Passion & Purpose. If you haven’t read Part 1 yet, pause and go back.  I promised we’d dig deeper into those first two “PRINCE”-iples and get strategic in how we define them. So, without […]

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