Month: April 2016

Declutter Your Way to Productivity

24 Apr, 2016 , , , , , ,

The other day I talked a bit about identifying the distractions in your life holding you back from being truly productive. One scenario many people might fail to recognize is the environment in which they are attempting to work. Sit back and take a good long look around you. Is it clean and tidy, with […]

The Importance of Identifying Your Strengths

22 Apr, 2016 , , , , , , , , , , ,

We’ve all been asked the following question during a job interview, what are your strengths? We usually try to answer with the assumed expectations of the interviewer. But are the answers we give in times of nervous stress our truths? If asked outside of a job interview, would we be able to tell honestly, what […]

Want to Boost Your Productivity? Simplify Your Closet!

9 Apr, 2016 , , , ,

Did you know that Einstein, one of the greatest minds of the 20th century, wore the exact same style of outfit every day? This wasn’t merely because he was a quirky scientist — there was a far more profound reasoning behind his fashion sense (or lack thereof). When you simplify your wardrobe, you free up […]

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