How to Write a Book on a Budget

28 Oct, 2014 Book Writing

In order to stick to the budget, it’s important that you do all the pre-editing work yourself to keep editing costs down. Check your ‘book’ for any grammatical errors and clean it up as much as possible before hiring an editor. Ask friends and family members to proof it for you too. This will save you lots of money in th editing process.

Don’t hire any illustrations, use your own photos or browse online. Just be careful not to use copyrighted images because these can land you in trouble. If you have a friend that is good at illustrating then you can rope in him/her in your project too!

Lastly, you should sell your book as an e-book or electronic book. This will eliminate the production or manufacturing costs as well as distribution costs. You won’t be requiring any printing, binding, and shipping or distribution services if you publish an e-book. Just because you are publishing your book online does not mean that you cannot publish a hard copy of it in the future when you’re not on a tight budget. If you aren’t sure about the e-book market then you might want to do a bit of research before stepping into it.

A book that is written on a budget does not necessarily have to be bad; some of the greatest bestsellers are in the form of e-books too! As long as your book has the x-factor, you will be successful, whether on a budget or not!


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