The Book Editing Process — Part 2

27 Nov, 2014 Book Writing

If you aren’t up for the idea of editing the book yourself (which I don’t recommend) then you can always choose the services of a professional book editor. A book editor is also supposed to check on the technical aspects of the book before sending it for printing. For non-fiction books, it is the role of the book editor to compile an index so that the readers can find what they are looking for easily and conveniently.

Page designing, selection of font styles and finalizing the position of the illustration or pictures (if any) in the book is the job of a formatter. Book editing required a lot of planning otherwise the process of conversion of a brand new manuscript into a brand new book ready for its release in the market may not be as successful as it was expected.

Although the process of book editing is grueling, cumbersome, stressful, maybe boring and lengthy but it is definitely worth it because its presents an opportunity to further explore the writer’s vision and put it together into a more refined piece of manuscript. In the end, all the gruesome efforts will pay off!


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