The Book Editing Process — Part 1

18 Nov, 2014 Book Writing

Book editing is one of the most important steps of book writing. It is a process that requires much concentration and focus because it involves the thorough analysis of the entire manuscript or the rough draft and turning it into a polished product by applying corrections wherever it is needed. It is very important to edit a book before printing it because there can be a lot of unnecessary portions which does not really affect the storyline but only adds to the volume of the book, thereby making it boring.

Although the process of book editing may sound simple, it is not. There are numerous aspects that need to be kept in mind during the book editing process. Basically when one is editing the draft or the manuscript, one has to check for punctuation errors, spelling mistakes and other grammatical errors. Also it is important to maintain the ‘continuity’ or the facts of the story. For example if a certain character has black eyes and blonde hair in page 50, it has to have the same in page 267 as well! Most of the times authors make the mistake of changing the facts accidentally and that is why book editing is such a lifesaver at times! By your contribution as an author to the book editing process, you’ll be making the finished product much more appealing and interesting to the readers.


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