Month: September 2014

Self-Publish vs. Traditional Publisher

30 Sep, 2014

When it comes to publishing a book, there are lots of decisions that you have to make and options that you have to choose from before you are finally able to share your masterpiece with the world. There’s always the dilemma of whether you should self-publish your books or should you do things the traditional […]

Nothing is impossible

28 Sep, 2014

Another great story that I recall regarding belief has a little bit of a twist to it, though. Cynthia Kersey wrote about George Dantzig in the book, Unstoppable. As a college student, George studied very hard. He was a studious person, but he was always staying up late studying. Because of that, he overslept a […]

Why do we procrastinate?

27 Sep, 2014

Why do we procrastinate? Why do we let meaningless situations get in the way of our dreams? Why do we put off starting a new business, losing the weight, or taking that trip? What is really so important in life that we have to put our dreams on the back burner? Here’s the good news; […]

Accept the Compliment

24 Sep, 2014

Has anyone ever paid you a compliment that you didn’t accept? Why is it often difficult to accept a compliment? Why can’t we be grateful and just say “thank you”? When we decline a compliment, we think we are being humble, but the message it delivers to our subconscious is altogether different. Rejection of a […]

Live Events Change Lives

15 Sep, 2014 , , , ,

The next few months are going to be very exciting and I have several opportunities for you that will radically change your professional and personal life. They are quickly approaching so here’s the scoop. You may know that I’m a BIG believer in LIVE events. Live events change lives! It did for me two times, […]

15 Minutes Per Day

1 Sep, 2014

I do believe you can write a book if you carve out just 15 minutes per day.  If you focus in on what it is you want to say and more importantly, focus in on what is something you know how to say, something that you’re good at and something you’re passionate about, then it will […]

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