Time Management Tips for Busy People

16 Dec, 2015 Personal Development,Productivity

time management, clock imageThere’s only 23 hours and 56 minutes in the day, so make the best possible use of them. Unfortunately, many people struggle with poor time management. They may exhaust all of their time and resources on one task, without setting aside enough time for other tasks.

That’s why today we’re going to reveal some effective time management tips for busy people.

Place Time Limits on Tasks

I’m sure you’ve lost track of time and regretted letting one onerous task chew up your day. By placing time limits on your tasks, you’ll know when it’s time to wrap up what you’re working on so you can move on to the next task. In addition to dozens of built-in and third-party smartphone apps, you can also use Egg Timer to place time limits on tasks. This free-to-use tool allows you to specify a time limit, at which point it will count down and alert you when it’s finished.

Perform the Most Difficult Task First

The most difficult task is often the one that takes the most time to complete. Therefore, you should begin your workday by tackling it first. When you first enter the office (or wherever else you work), begin working on the hardest task first. Your mind will be fresh, energized, and in the perfect state to work on difficult tasks. Once you’ve finished it, you can restart the timer and move on to the easier tasks.

Practice Ignoring Phone Calls and Emails

Yes, I know you can’t ignore these all day but research has shown that interruptions really cut into your productivity, not just the duration of the interruption but the time it takes to get focused again. Try putting your phone on mute (and out of sight!) and log out of email, social media and instant messaging for a few periods during the day when you really need to get something done. You’ll be surprised at how much faster

Learn to Say ‘No’

Your kids’ PTA wants you to create the monthly newsletter, your brother-in-law wants you to help him build a deck, your neighbors want you to help with a community gardening project, or your colleagues want you to take over planning the office holiday party. While these activities can be fun (and it’s important to stay involved in non-work related activities), saying yes to too many things means you’ll end up spread too thin. This creates stress and it interferes with your ability to focus on more important things – like more quality time with your loved ones.

Outsource Mundane Tasks

Are you unable to get through your daily work load because you’re juggling responsibilities outside of work too? Consider hiring service workers such as housekeepers, lawn maintenance and others who can take some of your necessary but mundane tasks off your plate, freeing your time to tackle more important tasks. Take advantage of the pre-prepared meals in your local market which need only be popped into the oven for a healthy dinner option — just don’t hit the drive-thru for an unhealthy, fast food meal.

Have any other time management tips that you would like to share with our readers? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Time Management Tips for Busy People
We're all busy, but some people seem to do a better job at juggling their various tasks and responsibilities. Here are some tips to manage your time more effectively.

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