The Power of Thoughts

28 Oct, 2014 Personal Development

Thoughts have power. They drive our decisions, our goals, our dreams, and ultimately our lives. Are you living the life you’ve always dreamed of living? If not, then what were you thinking?

What were you telling yourself all these years to get where you are today? Did you believe you were worthy of success, or did you have some doubts about your future?

What did you tell yourself you could or could not do? What did you tell yourself you wanted to accomplish? When did you decide that what
you wanted wasn’t within your reach?

It happened the moment you first thought it couldn’t happen.Thoughts are more powerful than most people think, because they are private. We don’t see the harm in beating ourselves up when we make a mistake, or telling ourselves we aren’t good enough. We may not even realize that we’re always talking to ourselves.

Every instant we’re alive, we are unconsciously sending signals to our brain to tell it how to function. Many of the obstacles we face are in our minds.

We dwell on every possible reason for how we could fail, and spend little or no time focusing on how we could win!

Have you ever known someone to do something really foolish? You ask, “What were they thinking?” How much easier it is to see how thoughts determine the actions of others than it is to see this in ourselves! “If they were thinking clearly, they would not have done such a thing,” we say to ourselves.


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