Practice Discipline and Motivation

11 Oct, 2014 Productivity

Discipline and motivation are vital to overcoming procrastination. Ask anyone whom you consider successful how they manage to continuously work on their goals, and never stop until they reach the finish line. I bet they’ll say it takes discipline to stay focused and keep going even when the going is tough or unpleasant.

Practice focusing on the reward and not on the work. Remember that the work is just a “means to an end.” It’s what you have to do to get
what you want.

I was talking to an expectant mother a few months ago, and she asked me about the pain of labor. She was nervous about going through the
experience, as this was her first delivery, and she’d heard horror stories.

I was honest with her. “Look at it this way,” I told her. “The labor is just a ‘means to an end.’ If you don’t go through the labor, then you’ll never meet that precious baby!” I encourage you to use that same advice with your own goals.
Focus on the end result.Figure out what you have to do to get there, and then make those tasks a priority each day. Do the work and reap the rewards! The hard work is just the means to an end. It’s what will bring you to ultimate victory.


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