Release the Junk!

21 Oct, 2014 Personal Development

How many people do you know who can still recall some of the terrible things that happened to them years, even decades ago? I know a woman in her mid-sixties who can still remember names that the “mean kids” called her in elementary school. That’s a long time to carry around that memory.

I wonder if she remembers any of the compliments her grade school friends paid her.

For some reason, our minds tend to store “junk.” We hold on to all the bad things that people have said or done to us through the years. Over and over in our heads, we replay tape loop of life’s injustices: justifying our hurt, anger, or bitterness.
Why? Why hold on to all of that? Make a list of reasons.
Can you come up with at least one reason for keeping yourself in a state of feeling bad, resentful, angry or depressed?? What is the payoff? Release the junk. Make room for more joy!


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