FAQs on Writing A Business Card Book

22 May, 2019 Business and Industrial

As a small business owner or entrepreneur, you are always on the lookout for innovative ways to grow your reputation and your brand.

And a unique opportunity to establish yourself as the true expert in your industry is through a business card book. A business card book can be a powerful marketing tool. This is because a book is not something that anyone readily throws away. It can get your techniques, methodology, and insight out in front of the world, while generating plenty of new business in the process.

Always been curious about publishing a book to boost your business, and aren’t sure how to begin?

Then start with these FAQs that will provide a little guidance into what a business card book can entail.

Market Your Business with A Business Card Book

Why should I write a business card book?

A business card book essentially allows you to stand out from your competitors in a unique and distinctive way. Your potential customers and clients won’t throw away your book, ensuring that you stay on their radar.

In addition, it will also position you as an expert in your field, as the go-to person for services in your particular industry.


How long does it have to be?

The good news is that a business card book doesn’t have to be a novel. A shorter book may be even better, as it’s easier for potential clients to read and digest. There’s no limit to how short or long your book should be, so long as it covers your topic clearly, and includes valuable information for your reader.


What should I write about?

Your business card book can cover a wide array of topics. And it can focus on a primary theme or lots of smaller points on the subject at hand. The key is to share information that both shows your authority on the subject, while also assisting your readers. Think about your clients and customers and what they should know about your business, and go from there.

Need in-depth assistance to get started? Then start crafting your outline by attending our upcoming Book Bound event. You’ll leave knowing exactly what your book should cover.


How can I get it published?            

A partner publisher is a fantastic option for business card books, simply because you don’t have to seek out an agent or traditional publishing house. They can ensure that all the essential details are covered – from copyediting, to cover design, to distribution – to establish your book in a global market.


Writing and publishing a business card book is easier than you think. And it’s a strategic business move that can have huge rewards in both the short term and the long run.

So get started by uncovering everything you need to know about the process, (from the rough outline to the finished printed book), by attending the upcoming June Book Bound event. In just three days, you’ll be armed with all the information you need to know about creating your own business card book. Best of all, you will have a huge head start on standing out in a crowd.

You can join the Book Bound Workshop for June in Plano, Tx here! I look forward to seeing you there!

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FAQs on Writing A Business Card Book
A business card book can take your success to the next level. Read on to find answers to the commonly asked questions about this innovative marketing tool.

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