How Sharing Your Story Can Boost Your Business

13 Mar, 2019 Book Writing,Business and Industrial,Events

As a business owner, you likely have an arsenal of ways that you connect with customers. Perhaps you offer regular promotions and incentives, or you network with your business card in hand. Or maybe you actively market yourself through your website and social media platforms.

But have you ever thought about publishing a book?

Sharing your story can have a huge impact when it comes to generating new customers or clients, or making connections with your existing clientele, and in more ways than one!

Read on to discover how a book may be just the tool that will take your business and customer reach to the next level.


A Book Has Staying Power

People throw away business cards on a regular basis, but when was the last time you threw away a book?

A book naturally has much better staying power than a business card, and is a physical and long-term reminder of your business, as well as your role as a leader in your industry.

(More on that next…)


You Position Yourself As The Expert

We all want to work with the leader in a given field, regardless of what problem we need to solve, or what task we need to accomplish. Whether you’re tackling home repairs, or financial investments, you want to work with the expert who knows their business better than their competitor.

Sharing your story naturally allows you to position yourself as an expert, simply because you have the proof of your expertise in the written word. As such, you’ll have a natural leg up over your competitors, and have an instant way to prove that – regardless of the specific nature of your business – you’re the one who knows your industry, inside and out.


Introduce Potential Clients to The Real You!

Do you like working with people who you feel comfortable with, and who you feel like you know? You are not alone!

We naturally prefer to work with people we have a familiarity with, rather than strangers, whether it’s because we feel like we understand their values and business practices, or just because we have an easy rapport. Think of the service providers in your life – like your mechanic, doctor, financial advisor, or even your hairdresser. Chances are that you trust their judgement, because you know and trust them as individuals!

When you write a book, you create this same familiarity with a much larger audience. People get to know the “Real You,” and not just from a couple of sentences on your website or from your social media pages.

As such, by sharing your story, you’re creating an instant connection with a prospective client well before you make a formal and in-person introduction.


Clearly, sharing your story can have big rewards when it comes to expanding your business, but if you’re new to the writing process, how do you get started?

It’s easier than you think!

Start your endeavor by checking out our upcoming Book Bound Workshop event in June in Plano, TX. At this immersive workshop, you can uncover the detailed strategies you’ll need to propel your story forward – from getting your thoughts on to paper, to focusing on a “business card book” that’s easy to write, read, and distribute to a wide audience.

You can join the June event here!

By sharing your expertise, and setting yourself apart as the expert, you’ll watch your business grow in more ways than one.

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How Sharing Your Story Can Boost Your Business
How can sharing your story set you apart as a business owner? See the benefits of publishing a book to position yourself as an expert in your field.

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