Making Your Story Stand Out in A Crowd

10 Oct, 2018 Book Writing,Events,Marketing

The hardest part about sharing your unique story is writing it, no question about it. But what happens once you are polishing your final pages, and are ready to share your story with the world? How do you make sure it stands out in a crowd?

Garnering attention is a tricky endeavor for even the most experienced and established writers. And it’s even tougher for a new author who is trying to make their mark.

Give your story the best chance to shine by considering these tips, guidelines, and strategies that will set your book apart. After all, you have a distinctive voice and something to say! So it’s imperative to attract the attention you deserve so your readers will have an opportunity to hear it.


Six Tips to Set Your Book Apart and Get Noticed

1. Find a great publisher

A partner publisher can provide a lot of guidance when it comes to the marketing details that will set your story apart.

From premium book cover design, to the interior design and formatting, an experienced publisher will have the insight required to make sure your book is as eye-catching as possible from the outside in.

For more information on the services a partner publisher can offer, visit


2. Create an enthralling synopsis

As an avid reader, you already know that the synopsis – or back cover copy – can go a long way in whether or not your potential audience keeps reading.

So spend some time perfecting your summary!

Come up with several options, and ask for feedback from friends, writers, and colleagues to determine which of your brief book descriptions really grabs attention.


3. Get reviews and readers early on

A review not only provides guidance on your writing, but it also spreads the word that your book is out there, waiting to be read!

If possible, try to get a couple of reviews before you go to press. This can help you fine-tune any outstanding issues or problems that might be caught by a trained eye. It may also provide you with a couple of testimonials to include in your inside cover or introduction.


4. Build anticipation

Creating a social media account, website, and using other digital marketing strategies before you go to press can go a long way in bringing attention to your book. Thanks to modern marketing, people will know about your story before your book is even released.

Get your friends, colleagues, and family members to share the news about the upcoming release, and start building a target audience before your book even hits the shelves!


5. Grab attention from the get go

The first paragraph or page really sets the tone for your story, and encourages readers to keep digging. This allows you to grab attention right off the bat!

Make sure your first few paragraphs capture your voice, your style, and hint at the story to come, so your target audience will be reeled in and will want to keep reading.


6. Above all else, never work alone

Writing is a solitary activity when you’re sitting in front of your computer, but it takes a community to turn a story into an exceptional book.

Work with your publisher partner, your writing colleagues, and anyone who can provide a solid influence to ensure that your book is the best it can be. By asking for help, feedback, and an insightful hand in the publishing process, you’ll have a jump start on creating an incredible story that will leave an impression.


What better way to form a community of other writers and readers than attending a writing and publishing workshop! My Book Bound By The Sea Workshop is coming up in January. This three-day event will take place in sunny Destin, Florida. You’ll meet other aspiring writers and learn how to get your story out of your head and on to paper!


If you have questions about the workshop or about book writing, contact me here. I’d love to help!

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Making Your Story Stand Out in A Crowd
Standing out in a crowd can be a tough task for even the most experienced writers. But I have the following strategies to ensure that your story will leave an undeniable impression.

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