Reasons to Write A Business Card Book

12 Sep, 2019 Book Writing,Business and Industrial

Running a successful business depends on obtaining and retaining new clients and customers. Many professionals and business owners spend hours of time and countless expenses on pricey advertisements, marketing, and even cold calls. Even if they reach out to friends and family members for new connections, they are taking time away from their actual business.

But what if you didn’t have to put in endless effort and money to attract a whole new client base?

What if you could expand your profitability by 10-20% with just a single and effective marketing tool?

Meet the Business Card Book

A Business Card Book is a short but effective book that positions you as the leading authority in your industry. And it’s effective for all varieties of business, from medical offices to retail shops. A business card book can be the most productive marketing tool you’ve ever used to attract new customers, while maintaining strong relationships with your current ones.

So how can a Business Card Book help your business? Let us count the ways…

Five Reasons Why You Should Write a Business Card Book

1. A Business Card Book automatically shows you know your business.

With your Business Card Book, you no longer have to explain through lengthy meetings WHY you are the top choice in your field. The fact that you have authored a book on a related subject literally speaks volumes. No elaborate speeches or cold calls required!


2. It saves money on marketing

How much money do you spend every year on advertising?

Maybe you’ve done print or online ads, television or radio spots, billboards, or just social media. But a Business Card Book is more effective – and less expensive -than all of these common marketing strategies.


3. It opens new doors

You likely have to pay media outlets for advertising space to spread the word about your local business. However, when you’re the author of a book on the topic, you’ll find that your new status as an expert in the field can open up a lot of doors.

Start to imagine what the exposure of being seen and heard on top media outlets could do for your business. Plus, think of how you could use these new opportunities for additional revenue streams, such as speaking engagements or consultation work.


4. It’s more effective than an advertisement

Think of the last time that you decided to work with a new business. Maybe it was a contractor for a project at home, or a new dentist or family doctor. What made you decide that, out of all of your options, this was the right business for you?

Chances are, the decision was at least partly based on reputation, expertise, and recommendation, as opposed to seeing a flashy advertisement or billboard.

This is because people want to work with businesses they trust, and that starts with a stellar reputation! With a Business Card Book, you can instantly attract potential new clients, and this is far more powerful than any style of advertisement!


 5. And less time consuming than continual marketing campaigns

When it comes to marketing campaigns, you likely have to dedicate a lot of time to make sure your business is seen. You may continually come up with new advertisements and slogans. Or you might spend money trying to find successful new avenues to get the word out about your business.

But when you have a Business Card Book, you can utilize this single tool to make a great impression for years to come! Yet, best of all, a Business Card Book can be completed in just days. Therefore, after your initial work is finished, you can relax and let your new book and role as a voice of authority do all the work for you.


So how can you write, publish, and effectively use a Business Card Book? It all starts with our upcoming webinar…


How to Write a Business Card Book

Becoming an author will position you as THE leading AUTHORITY in your field, and we’ll show you how you can go from business owner to expert in just 30 days or less.

For my upcoming webinar, Your Book Is Your Business Card – How To Write a Book In 30 Days or Less That Will Transform Your Business and Life, you will learn about all aspects of creating and publishing a successful Business Card Book.

The webinar includes the following on how to:

  • Write a book that positions you as the leading authority in your industry
  • Effortlessly attract new clients and customers for your products or services, with your book
  • Use your Business Card Book as a launching point for new revenue streams
  • Use your Business Card Book to obtain speaking engagements and consulting work
  • Transform your vast expertise in your business into a well-written and finished book in just 30 days or less

In addition, we’ll share all the information you’ll need to effectively publish your book once your last page is complete. With dozens of other practical, real-world publishing tips, you can amplify your success as soon as you have your new printed book in your hands.

Perhaps best of all, after Your Book Is Your Business Card, you’ll come away with a detailed action plan to bring your book to fruition, and further your path to success.


Don’t Miss Out on This Opportunity

Your business can grow in more ways than one when you author a professional Business Card Book, regardless of your specific field. I’ve worked with countless professionals from all walks of life on creating their own Business Card Book, and I’m continually amazed and proud of their success, as well as how they parlay their position as a voice of authority into new opportunities for growth!

So be sure to join our upcoming webinar, Your Book Is Your Business Card, and get ready to find a new route to success that will change your business, and your life.

Do you prefer in-person training and collaboration to learn how to author and publish a book? Schedule your visit to meet us in Florida in January 2020 for Book Bound By The Sea. You’ll learn everything you need to become a published author, plus make a new network of authors for ongoing support!

Join the January Book Bound By The Sea Workshop here. I look forward to seeing you there!

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Reasons to Write A Business Card Book
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