Five Tips for Boosting and Promoting Your Book

12 Sep, 2018 Events,Getting Published,Marketing

Once your book is written and ready to publish, the challenge for any writer is to get it read! So how do you share your story, and generate interest once it’s on the market?

Start with these key marketing tips to ensure that your book is as popular as possible, regardless of your unique story.


Marketing Your Book

1. Find a fantastic publisher

You don’t need to pay the big bucks for an agent or a highly recognized name to find a publisher to help you realize your dream from start to finish!

A publisher can make all the difference when it comes to ensuring your book is a success. From proofreading and cover design, to connections with book distributors, they will be your best investment for marketing.

As such, selecting a publisher can be as important as polishing the story itself, when it comes to making waves in the literary world.

Start your search by checking out the services offered by Performance Publishing Group. They are a “partner publisher” that provides high quality and professional production services, and a whole lot more. From two rounds of copyediting to premium color book cover design, a trusted publisher like Performance Publishing Group can launch your story to the largest audience possible.


2. Find your audience

The key to finding readers is to get it into the hands of the people who will appreciate and relate to your story!

Create targeted searches for organizations, media outlets, and other groups who will be interested in your book. And then create a quality press release that touts the benefits of your story, and why the organization, group or media outlet will want to read more.


3. Make connections

A journalist, book reviewer, professor, or other prominent figure in the literary world can provide many benefits when it comes to promotion.

Find folks in your life who are willing to read, share, and possibly review your book. A network of connections makes it so much easier to get your book out there.


4. Use social media to your advantage

Social media sites, like Facebook, are full of writer and literary groups where self-publishers can shine!

Join a few groups to make new connections, or create a website or Facebook page for your own book that can garner interest and feedback! By utilizing the (free!) tools already available on the web for marketing, you can easily promote your book to countless readers around the globe.


5. Attend a workshop or special event

Every writer can use a little help when it comes to crafting their story, finalizing their book, and getting it into the hands of dedicated readers like you!

And a writing workshop, seminar, or other event like the upcoming three-day Book Bound By The Sea is just the thing to help. This event will give you an arsenal of new tools and knowledge to help you now and in the future.

Do you want to meet other writers and even learn tips from the pros? An immersive workshop is a great way to expand your writing and publishing skills.

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Five Tips for Boosting and Promoting Your Book
Once your story is set, how to you ensure it gets into the hands of your targeted audience? Here are five essential tips for going from new author to literary success.

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