Become an Author Now: Easy Tips to Write a Book

24 Jul, 2019 Book Writing,Business and Industrial

Writing a book can provide a world of benefits for business owners and professionals who want to expand their careers. For example, authoring a book can quickly promote your brand. It also puts you in a new position as an “expert,” setting you apart from other professionals in your field.

Best of all, you can write a powerful book regardless of your industry! A book doesn’t even have to be hundreds of pages to be powerful. A business card book can be just as effective when it comes to making a great impression.

With that being said, many professionals who would benefit from writing a book don’t move forward, simply because the writing process can be intimidating. Maybe they don’t have time, aren’t sure where to start, or just don’t identify as a “writer” and aren’t sure how to move forward.

But the good news is that there are plenty of easy ways to take the work out of writing a book! Maximize the use of your time and efforts by using these helpful hacks to successfully publish your book sooner than later.

Five Hacks to Make it Easier to Write a Book and Become an Author

1. Find case studies and examples

Not sure what to write about? Use your history!

Chances are that you can think of case studies, interactions with past clients and customers, and other real-life examples from your work and life to highlight your expertise.

Best of all, because you are so familiar with these stories, it will be easy to get them out of your head and onto the page. They will even help your readers make a real connection with you, because the material is your story itself!


2. Interview

Do you have colleagues or mentors whose expertise is invaluable? Then use them!

Interviewing a fellow expert on your topic will provide you with new information and points of view, and can help add to your story. Essentially, when you use an interview to tell your story, you’re just providing a transcript, as someone else is providing the words.


3. Collaborate

You may have friends and family members who love writing, or who have a great editing eye. Reach out to them and see how you can partner together to write your book! You can provide the expertise, and they can do the heavy lifting of putting your thoughts onto paper.


4. Find a ghostwriter

In the internet era, finding a ghostwriter is easier than ever. Consult freelancing and employment websites to find experienced ghostwriters who can help you tell your story. From there, you’ll just have to provide the information, and your ghostwriter can weave your expertise into a streamlined and readable book.


5. Use dictation technology

Prefer verbal communication over written communication? Then look for an app that simply records what you say, and then start talking! There are plenty of free and inexpensive apps available that can write down your words as you speak – just be sure and edit thoroughly after you’ve told your story.


Sharing your story is easier than you think! Be on the lookout for my upcoming book, The Power of Authority: How to Get the Revenue, Respect, and Results You Deserve by Authoring a Book, which will give you all the tools you need to finish your book, and to find new ways to exponentially grow your business, and your career.

Do you prefer in-person training and collaboration to learn how to author and publish a book? Schedule your visit to meet us in Florida in January 2020 for Book Bound By The Sea. You’ll learn everything you need to become a published author, plus make a new network of authors for ongoing support!

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Become an Author Now: Easy Tips to Write a Book
Anyone can author a book! Even if you are not a professional writer. Discover these easy hacks that will help you complete your book faster.

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