Discover the Key to Advance in Your Career

17 Jul, 2019 Business and Industrial,Getting Published

Ready to advance in your career? Want to move up the ladder at work or expand your small business?

You’ve likely considered a wealth of options. Perhaps you’ve taken on more or tougher projects at the office. Or maybe you’ve created a marketing strategy with business cards, an increased social media presence, and targeted print or email campaigns.

But the key to furthering your success starts with determining what you want in the long run. So start your path forward by asking yourself “What do I really want in my business or career?”

What Do You Want in Your Career?

Your answer to this question will obviously be personalized to you and your industry. But chances are, it will be a variation of any or all of the following:

Maybe you would like:

  • more credibility in your industry
  • to attract new clients and prospects
  • to be considered the go-to authority in your field
  • the opportunity to create new revenue streams and new opportunities for additional income
  • to make a difference, and to be remembered
  • to be more confident as you grow your business and your career

Any of the above answers sound familiar? There’s a way to achieve all of these things and more – by authoring a book!

Writing a book and cementing your credibility go hand in hand. By authoring a book on a topic that directly relates to your career, you instantly position yourself as the go-to person on the topic. With your book, you can set yourself apart from countless professionals who may have backgrounds and work histories that are otherwise similar to yours.


Stand Apart from The Rest: Become an Author!

From the moment you publish your book, you’ll find a wealth of benefits that naturally go hand-in-hand with your newfound identity as the voice of authority…

Use it as marketing

You’ll be able to make a mark with potential new clients and employers by having a powerful marketing piece they won’t forget. Everyone throws away business cards, but when was the last time you threw away a book?

New opportunities

You’ll open yourself up to new opportunities that align with your field of expertise. You could join up with speaking engagements, or engage in freelance work, consultations, and other similar endeavors.

Boost your confidence

You’ll boost your confidence, which is imperative for success, regardless of your field!


Simply put, writing a book is a wonderful and all-encompassing way to ensure your professional growth. Your book doesn’t even have to be a long and lengthy project either – a business card book can work wonders when it comes to making an authoritative and memorable first impression.

Ready to start your book and your path to increased opportunities once your book is published? Then be on the lookout for my upcoming book, The Power of Authority: How to Get the Revenue, Respect, and Results You Deserve by Authoring a Book, available later this summer. Get all of the insight you’ll need on writing and publishing your book, as well as the steps to take afterwards to maximize your success. Start your journey on your way to advance your career in every possible direction!

Like to plan ahead? Take a short break from winter weather this coming January and join us in Florida for the next Book Bound By The Sea. You’ll learn everything about authoring and publishing your first book, while making a network of connections and getting marketing ideas. Join the upcoming event here to save your spot!

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Discover the Key to Advance in Your Career
Want the key to advance your career or grow your business? Discover the move you can make today that will expand your success across the board.

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