Can Anyone Write a Book? Here’s the Answer

12 Oct, 2020 Personal Development

Have you ever been told by friends or family members that you should write a book, but wondered if you ever could? Can really anyone just write a book if they set their mind to it?

So many people with incredible stories to tell often muse about putting their words on paper. But they are hesitant simply because they don’t have the confidence or aren’t exactly sure how to get started.

Are you unfamiliar with the publishing industry, the writing process, or how to finish and create a successful book? Then the path ahead to becoming a published author can certainly be a daunting one.

So, if you’ve never written a book before, and are new to the process, can you do it?


So, Can Just Anyone Write a Book?

Why, yes – in fact, I have worked with countless new authors through our incredible Book Bound Workshops. And I’ve met many more on a one-on-one basis through our partner publishing company and book coaching services. These new authors – at first – never considered themselves a “writer.”

But as it turns out, one of the hardest parts of the writing process is just having the story to share. And for these new authors, they found their story and voice, sometimes all in just one weekend!

So, do you already have your story which has inspired you to decide to write? Then you’re on your way to becoming a published author!

Furthermore, are you new to the writing process and aren’t sure if you have the ability to write a book? As it turns out, it is possible with just a little encouragement and guidance!

Even so, there are a few tips for new writers to help navigate you through the writing and publishing process. These will help you get started and to stay motivated until you finish your book and beyond.


First: seek guidance

Celebrities, politicians, movie stars, and notable figures from all over have published books. As it turns out, not many of them are born writers. Often, they employ the services of a ghostwriter.

Even though many of these famous persons choose to write a memoir, they seek help on how to do so.

A professional ghostwriter can help transform your story into a polished book by doing the bulk of the heavy lifting for you. Ghostwriters are readily available for writers of all abilities, and offer all sorts of services.

Perhaps you just need a round or two of proofreading to ensure that your story flows perfectly. Or maybe you want to relay your story and have your ghostwriter put your ideas and concepts on the page.

Regardless of whether you need a little help or a lot, a ghostwriter is a great way for new writers to find their voice. As a result, they will be able to establish themselves in the publishing world, while still sharing a story that is strictly their own.


Second: keep trying

J.K. Rowling was famously turned down dozens of times before her Harry Potter series was finally published. And this has happened to many other bestselling authors in the world. (Even William Shakespeare had trouble finding an audience when he first started as a playwright!)

So don’t be worried if traditional publishing houses do not show immediate interest in your story idea. And this is especially true if you are in the very beginning stages of writing a book. Don’t forget that these days, there are countless options for publishing a book, ranging from big publishing houses to self-publishing options.

There is even an option for hiring a partner publishing company. They can provide a wealth of invaluable services – from copyediting to cover design – while ensuring that you retain all rights and royalties from your book sales.

Always remember that your story deserves to be shared, and that you do have the ability to change the world, one page at a time.


Next: stay motivated

Countless would-be authors have started to write their book and then somehow get stuck along the way, and never reach the final page. Perhaps you have toyed with the idea of writing a book in the past, and then got some of your thoughts on paper. But then you ended up letting the project linger until it simply disappeared behind the havoc of everyday life.

Arguably, one of the most challenging aspects of the writing process is to stay motivated. So if you put these next few steps in place once you start writing, you’ll keep going until the very last page.

Start by having a set schedule of when you can write, and then sticking to it! During this time you will set, it’s best to avoid distractions of the day, to make sure that writing remains a priority. You can achieve this by setting aside specific days and times to write. Or you could even set a daily or weekly word count that you have to reach.

No matter what goals you set, make them specific and stick to them. This way, you can keep your writing momentum going strong.


Finally: seek help, and find a community

New writers will be delighted to discover that when it comes to assistance in the writing process, there are plenty of options! Consider hiring a writing coach or a book coach if this is your first foray into writing a book. Or you could even find a local writing group or other community where you can share your struggles and garner feedback.

You need help not only to begin writing but keeping motivation, and a little positive reinforcement will go a long way! So find your community and your inspiration, (whether it’s a professional writing coach or just a supportive team of family and friends). And then lean on them when the going gets tough so that you can keep going.

Now, keep in mind that the idea that “Anyone can write a book” is reliant on one condition – that the author has a story to share. As we said, finding a story can be the most difficult part of the entire writing process. It happens also to be the most important requirement on the path to becoming an author.

You already know you have a story, so feel proud that you have already taken a huge step forward to your new position as a published author. With a little help and a bit of hard work, you CAN write and publish a book, and leave your mark on the world.


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Can Anyone Write a Book? Here's the Answer
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