Your Story: “You Should Write A Book”

27 Mar, 2019 Book Writing,Events,Getting Published

Every single person has a story.

And regardless of specific life paths or individual obstacles, every person’s story has fascinating twists and turns that helped shape their future. We all have big life events that transformed our outlook, and distinctive backgrounds and integral people who influenced us along the way. After it all, there’s a reason why everyone is where they are now. And there’s a fascinating history of how they got there.

Chances are, your story has a wealth of unique attributes as well! And you have likely been told before that “you should write a book” about your experiences.

And if anyone in your life has ever shared this sentiment with you, it’s 100% true. Your own experiences may be unique from everyone else’s in the world. But you have gained a wealth of knowledge, experience, and instrumental life lessons, allowing you to see a better path forward.


Why You Need to Share Your Story

It’s these experiences and lessons you have accumulated that have the limitless possibility to help others.

People with a great story can make a difference. It’s because while their own perspective is unique, their struggles and perseverance are what is universally appreciated.

In short, your mess is your message. What you have overcome, and how you have found your way forward, is of endless value to people just like you, going through similar obstacles. Even people with completely different stories can gain insight from your own life adventures.

And the best way to share your story to those who will benefit the most from your message is to write a book. A book is a timeless and permanent piece of you that can be picked up and enjoyed by anyone who can utilize your insight to better their own world.


So How Do You Share Your Story with The World?

Yes, you have a story!

But how do you take the puzzle pieces of your past to transform your story into a piece of literature?

How do you ensure that you have an author platform that allows your book to reach others on a global level?

This question often serves as a primary stumbling block for would-be authors who have something to say, but who can’t seem to find their voice.

But you don’t have to just dream about sharing your story. You CAN bring it to reality.

Start the process by attending our in-depth Book Bound Workshop on June 7-9 in Plano, TX. This event is held a few times each year. And it is a substantial opportunity for soon-to-be authors to uncover all the steps to follow from having a story to a successful and engaging book.

Every person who attends the Book Bound Workshop leaves with:

  • An entire book mapped out
  • An ambition to get started
  • A clear path to turning their personal story into a printed work

You’ll learn about the intricacies of getting your story on paper. You’ll even learn how to publish your work to share it with the largest audience possible.


Your story can do a world of good, and as such, it needs to be heard.

So make your mark, and get your story out there! You can reach a limitless audience who will benefit simply because you shared your own unique voice with the world.

Join the June Book Bound Workshop event here!


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Your Story: "You Should Write A Book"
Your story deserves to be shared, as it has the limitless potential to do a world of good. See how to ensure your voice is heard on a global level.

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