The Four People Every Author Needs

13 Feb, 2019 Book Writing,Events,Getting Published

Writing may be a solitary exercise, but every author will discover as their book progresses that no one ever strictly works alone. In fact, you may find along the way that there are actually a few key players who are instrumental to your book’s success. These are who you can depend on to continually move forward.

So who are these team members for every author to have on their roster to write the best book possible?

Check out these four people who will make a world of difference when it comes to your writing, and the role that each of them plays in your book’s eventual success.

The Coach

The coach is the person who inspires you, keeps you motivated, and provides essential information that will propel your writing talent – and your book – forward.

If you don’t have a coach just yet, and want to learn all the ins and outs of achieving the most success possible, then start your search here for an inside look at what an exceptional, experienced, and knowledgeable coach can do.


The Fan

A coach will help you take strategic steps to be as productive and profitable as possible, but a fan will keep you motivated through positive reinforcement – no matter what!

A fan can be a friend, a family member, a teacher, or just a fellow writer who will push you through those difficult parts of the writing process, and whom you can turn to in moments of self-doubt.

Everyone needs a little positive thinking now and then, especially when writer’s block makes an unwelcome and unexpected appearance. So look to your number one fan to maintain confidence and a joy of writing as your book progresses.


The Critic

Just as we need someone who will give us positive feedback no matter what, we also need someone who can look at our work with a trained editor’s eye.

Your critic can be a colleague, a book reviewer, or a fellow writer who can give you an honest critique of your work, and who can find mistakes, gaps, or plot holes that you may miss simply because you are so intimately familiar with your story.

To find your critic, join an author’s group, attend a writing seminar, or reach out to teachers and colleagues who can give you an honest opinion on what works in your story, and what doesn’t.


The Publisher

An important and invaluable person in the process, your publisher is key for taking your personal story and sharing it with the world. And new authors will quickly find that when it comes to self-publishing endeavors, not all publishers are created equal.

To achieve as much success as possible – especially if this is your first book – opt for a partner publisher who can provide a far-reaching range of services, from multiple rounds of copyediting to helping you distribute the finished book through global distributors.


You may write your own story, but the best thing you can do is finding help to transform it into a published piece of literature. So identify and find your “team,” use them when you need a hand, and get a jump start on creating a successful book you’ll be proud of for years to come.

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The Four People Every Author Needs
Writing is personal, but many authors know it takes a village to create a successful book! See the key people for your journey to be a published author.

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