Why It’s Important to Find Your Community of Writers

18 Oct, 2018 Book Writing,Books and Literature,Events,Publishing

Writers often have a “go it alone” kind of attitude, and it’s easy to see why. Writers work on their own schedule and pace, utilize their own voice, and create an independent work that represents their story, style, and distinct identity.

But when it comes to writing in all forms – from short stories or articles to a full novel – it’s essential to have back-up. Most writers have trusted friends and family members to peruse their work before they go to press. But a general rule of thumb is: the larger your writing community, the more successful your writing will be.

So why is it so important to connect with writers who are just like you?

Here are just a few reasons why a writers’ community can boost your brain-power, as well as your book.


Expert Evaluation

The one thing fellow writers, publishers, and editors can bring to the table that friends or family members can’t is reviewing your book with expertise.

Fellow-writers often face similar challenges and can spot those mistakes that take an expert eye to identify. As such, you’ll have a much more experienced board when it comes to writing and reviewing your story. And better yet, you’ll obtain detailed and knowledgeable feedback.



All writers are faced with common challenges.

They all deal with writer’s block, finding their voice, and figuring out the best way to tell their story. And many overcome these challenges in distinctive and individualized ways.

Hearing other people’s stories of how they published their first novel, or tackled a pressing issue when it came to writing their story, will provide plenty of inspiration and new ideas when it comes to crafting your own book.



One of the most rewarding benefits of a writers’ group or community is that hefty dose of support. This is because writers can identify with your problems, from finding time to write to finishing up a tricky part of your book. As such, they can provide plenty of support and motivation to keep going.



A writers’ group or community often has connections or ties to the greater literary world. Therefore, this can come in handy when it’s time to spread the word about your new book. From sharing your story with fellow writers or readers, to making introductions to reviewers or providing suggestions on other promotional tools, fellow writers have a leg up when it comes to getting your book the attention it deserves.


Simply put, connecting with other writers can help you with every step of the writing process – from creating your first outline or draft, to getting your book on the shelves once it’s ready to print.


Not sure where to find your fellow writers?

Then start by making a plan to attend our Book Bound By The Sea event in January 2019. Not only will you receive a wealth of information on the publishing process, but you’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet fellow writers just like you, and to form your own writers’ community!

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Why It’s Important to Find Your Community of Writers
Writing may be a solitary activity, but it’s essential to have a writers’ community to truly grow as a writer! Here’s a closer look on how a writers’ community can help you take your writing to the next level.

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