Performance Publishing Group Done-For-You Publishing Services

Performance Publishing Group provides comprehensive book publishing services for soon to be authors. Through live events, book consulting and Done-For-You publishing services, we have helped thousands of people realize their dream of becoming an author and we can do the same for you too.


Get Your Book Out of Your Head and Onto Paper in Just ONE DAY!

You know you want to write a book but are you struggling with getting your book “out of your head and onto paper?” You’re not alone which is why Michelle created an exclusive, high-level strategic coaching day guaranteed to get your entire book on paper in just ONE DAY! That’s right; imagine having your manuscript finally out of your head and in hard copy, ready for editing in just ONE DAY? This first step is crucial in the writing process of any author and may be the push you need to finally get your book in the hands of others!

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Performance Publishing Group is a “partner publisher” providing high quality, professionally published Done-For-You book production services. Our model is unique in that we will do the work to get your book complete but you reap the rewards and keep a 100% of your book’s rights and royalties.

Standard Book Publishing Includes:
  • Premium Color Book Cover Design (front & back)
  • Two Rounds of Copyediting
  • Interior Design and Formatting
  • ISBN and Bar Code Registration
  • Files Prepared and Submitted to Printer
  • PDF of Final Manuscript
  • Wholesale Price for Physical Books
  • Book Distribution (Amazon,, etc.)

To learn more about Performance Publishing Group’s Done-For-You Publishing Services, schedule a free 15-minute consultation with one of our publishing experts, please fill out the following information


Become an Instant Author by Contributing Your Chapter

Not ready to write your own book? No problem! Become an INSTANT AUTHOR by contributing your story in our next volume of “Dare To Be a Difference Maker.”

Performance Publishing Group wants to give you an opportunity to be featured in our next volume of “Dare To Be a Difference Maker” which is a collection of stories from people JUST LIKE YOU who are living with passion, following their purpose and committed to helping others. And, while you’re helping others, you’ll be helping yourself too because as a “published author” you will INSTANTLY increase your credibility, establish yourself as the go-to authority and create more opportunities.
The best part is you get all these benefits by writing just ONE CHAPTER and we will help you do it! Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to become an INSTANT AUTHOR and start leveraging author status now!

Book Bound Workshop

In just three days together you’ll identify your topic, get your book on paper and learn everything you need to know to become an author and catapult your author platform.

Book Bound Online

Discover everything you need to know to finally write, publish and market your book to make an impact in this world.

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