Should You Share Your Story with The World?

2 May, 2019 Book Writing,Events,Getting Published

One of the biggest roadblocks that new authors face when they want to transform their story into a book is a simple lack of confidence.

How do you know that your story is worth sharing?

Will it resonate with readers?

Does it indeed have the ability to help and inspire people?

Asking yourself these questions is a natural hurdle for new writers, and having confidence in yourself and your story is key to move forward. After all, it’s hard to write a book if you don’t have faith that your experiences, your subject matter, and your words are all compelling enough to put on paper.

So boost your courage and your confidence that you have a story worth telling by identifying the following signs.

Four Ways to Tell if You Should Share Your Story

1. Your story is unique

Perhaps you’ve faced obstacles or challenges that set you apart. Or maybe you have a distinctive background that’s wholly unique, and wholly you. Your journey is individualized, and your experiences are unlike anyone else’s in the world. And this can make your voice a unique addition to the literary sphere.


2. Your story is relatable

Despite your unique challenges and varying paths, some experiences are simply universal. Regardless of the specific circumstances, everyone in the world can relate with common themes.

Themes such as facing and overcoming obstacles, finding love, discovering the courage to keep going, and learning from past mistakes unite us as humans. It is these shared traits that will resonate with readers. And they will help you craft a story that’s distinctive, but to which anyone can relate.


3. Your story is inspiring

You may have overcome a lot to move forward in your life, but if you are proud of how far you’ve come and how you got to where you are, then your story deserves to be shared.

The inherent ability to keep going and overcome life’s challenges is what inspires people and helps them overcome obstacles in their own lives. And this is a clear sign that your own journey can do a world of good when it comes to inspiring others.


4. It can grow your business, your income, and your personal satisfaction

Why do you want to share your story?

Do you want to enhance your business by positioning yourself as an expert in the field?

Do you want to make a mark through a permanent piece of literature that you can be proud of?

Or do you just want to reach out to a limitless audience and help others through your own insight?

Above all else, when you run into doubts about whether your story deserves to be shared, just focus on the many personal benefits that are at your fingertips.


From an inherent feeling of pride at following through on your ambitions, to the excitement of seeing your own words on printed paper, transforming your story into an actual book can bring you a lot of joy and success. And your book will give a sense of accomplishment both now, and for years to come.

Rest assured that your story deserves to be shared. You, too, have the ability to use your story to leave your legacy.

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Should You Share Your Story with The World?
How do you develop the confidence that your story deserves to be shared? Look for these key signs that your story can make a mark on a global audience.

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