Three Reasons Why You Should Share Your Story

8 Nov, 2018 Book Writing,Events,Getting Published

One of the biggest roadblocks new writers face, especially if they are writing about something personal and important to them, is the fear that no one wants to hear what they have to say. Putting yourself on paper, and exposing your story to the world, can certainly be intimidating because it takes a lot of courage to bring your experiences and narrative to a broad audience.

So if you suffer from the occasional moment of self-doubt, don’t worry! It’s something every writer goes through, and is a hurdle that can easily be overcome. Just keep the following in mind when these apprehensions arise, so you can continue to move forward, and add your own unique voice to the literary world.


1. It’s a Piece of You.

Your story is a part of you, no question about it. And when your story is in print, it will linger well after you have sent your final draft to your partner publisher.

Your story is something you can share with friends, family members, and loved ones, (as well as the world as a whole), and is a piece of you that will truly last a lifetime.

So lay your fears to rest, and leave your mark on this world, by getting your words in print so they can resonate for years to come!


2. It’s Therapeutic.

There’s a reason why therapists and psychologists often encourage their clients to write their feelings down!

Writing isn’t just a relaxing activity – it’s a healing exercise that can bring peace. Writing can help you work through any troubling emotions that your unique story may entail.

By writing down your experiences and thoughts, and putting into words any coinciding emotions that pop up when you get into the nitty gritty of your narrative, you’ll feel restored just by solidifying those thoughts into print.


3. It Has The Power to Help Others.

You may hesitate to share your story because you’re concerned no one will want to hear what you have to say, but this couldn’t be farther from the truth!

There are countless people who have had similar experiences to yours, and when you outline how you have overcome your personal obstacles, your readers will truly benefit. As such, sharing your story – and making it accessible to a mass audience – is a small thing you can do to help a broad number of people.

Remember that YOU have the ability to bring comfort, camaraderie, and joy to a large audience, and it’s an opportunity that will do both you and your readers a world of good.


Your story is distinctive, unique, and belongs solely to you, but you can make a big impression by putting your tale out there for other people to discover.

Though it’s natural to feel twinges of self-doubt as your writing progresses, it’s essential to shake these feelings off, and to keep going. You have an audience who will benefit by what you have to say, so get your story out there and feel proud of yourself; you are making a true difference, one reader at a time.

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Three Reasons Why You Should Share Your Story
Sharing your story can make a difference for you, and your countless readers! Here why it’s essential to share your own unique narrative with the world.

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