Should You Hire a Professional Ghostwriter?

13 Aug, 2020 Getting Published

Becoming the author of a published book can be life changing. It can provide new streams of revenue, enhance your career or business, and create a wealth of opportunities by becoming the voice of authority. But not all authors can go it alone when it comes to writing a book. Therefore, many people with a story to tell partner with an experienced and professional ghostwriter.

From fiction books to business card books that can boost your professional goals, ghostwriters work with all types of literature, and all types of authors. While it will be your name that shines on the book cover, a professional ghostwriter effectively provides the heavy lifting. They take your book idea and craft your story into a book that is readable and engaging.

Countless celebrities, political figures, and renowned people around the world have used a ghostwriter during their writing process. And many new authors are surprised and delighted to discover that obtaining a professional ghostwriter for their story is not as difficult as it may seem.

So how do you know if working with a professional ghostwriter is right for you? And how do you find a writer who matches your story and your style? It starts by understanding how the ghostwriting process works.


What Does a Ghostwriter Do?

A ghostwriter is not a one-size-fits-all position, and different writers may need different skill sets or tasks when it comes to crafting their book. A professional ghostwriter can serve a minor editorial role for writers who already have a completed draft at hand. Or they can write the entire story based on information and interviews with the subject, or the author’s book proposal.

A ghostwriter may be mentioned in the interior of the book, but often it’s the author – the person who has the story to tell – who gets the primary credit for the work. As such, a ghostwriter takes your words, story, and writing style, and uses your voice to create a book.


How Do You Know if You Need a Professional Ghostwriter?

There are a number of reasons why a new writer or someone with a story to tell might hire professional ghostwriting services.

For one thing, they may not have the time to write every day. And for another, they may have started to write but have gotten “stuck” or caught a bad case of writer’s block along the way.

If you have time, dedication, and love to write, then you can proceed with getting your words on the page at your pace. If you need a little extra help, or want someone to take your story and transform it into a book, then a ghostwriter might be the right path for you.

Ghostwriters are also handy for professionals who have expertise on a specific topic, but who don’t necessarily have a writing background. Remember that you don’t have to be writing a fictional novel or book to enlist the assistance of a ghostwriter. And many ghostwriters specialize in certain topics or fields, like the medical or legal professions.


How Do you Find a Professional Ghostwriter?

Finding a ghostwriter starts with online research.

There are professional organizations who have ghostwriters on staff that can be partnered with clients based on their needs. There are also independent and freelance ghostwriters who can be hired one-on-one.

You can often find ghostwriters on freelance or classified job websites, like Upwork, and you’ll likely be surprised by how many writers are available to help you share your story!

The trick is to take your time and find a writer that works best with your style and topic – not just a writer who is inexpensive or immediately available. A little research will go a long way when it comes to finding your optimal writing partner.


Tips for Hiring a Professional Ghostwriter

For working with a ghostwriter, look for someone familiar with the topic of your book.

This is especially true if you are dealing with a specific subject matter, or are creating a business card book. Many ghostwriters have specialty services or work in a particular field or topic, and you’ll want to identify writers that have a little background knowledge of your subject.


Ask for references and examples

You want a ghostwriter that can match your voice and your writing style, so ask for several examples of their work beforehand in topics that are similar to yours. You can even ask your ghostwriter to start with a single chapter, to ensure that you have a great collaboration going forward.


Have a conversation

Depending on the scope of your project and writing needs, you and your ghostwriter will be spending a lot of time working together, so you’ll want to be on the same page from the get go. Take a little time to chat with your ghostwriter and have a conversation, because when it comes to a writing partnership, communication is key.


Keep an eye on your budget

Ghostwriting fees may include charging by the hour or by the word, so come up with a budget beforehand of what you can spend and proceed accordingly. You may find that you can do the bulk of the writing yourself, and simply need a ghostwriter to “clean up” and edit your work.


Hiring a ghostwriter is a great way for new authors to gain traction quicker, and a ghostwriter can help you get your story out of your head, and on to the shelves.

From professionals who want to advance their careers, to people who just have a story that can shape the world, a ghostwriter who helps out behind the scenes is a great way to have your voice heard.


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Should You Hire a Professional Ghostwriter?
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