Why Should You Hire a Book Coach?

20 Nov, 2019 Book Writing

Any author will tell you, the writing process is tough. And this is especially true when it comes to writing a book.

Even award winning journalists and authors have admitted this. While it’s a manageable feat to write an article or even a long essay, condensing thousands of thoughts and ideas into a full-length book can be challenging.

Writing a book requires a lot of considerations, with plenty of obstacles.

You need to:

  • keep your voice consistent from your first page to the last
  • have strong character development and plot points that make sense
  • ensure that your story flows seamlessly from chapter to chapter

The best writers in the business need an editor when they are submitting articles or short stories. So when it comes to tackling a full-length book, you need to go a step further by enlisting the talents and expertise of an experienced book coach.

So, What Does a Book Coach Do?

An effective book coach plays a myriad of roles. These roles change from when you are first writing a book to when you are ready to face the confusing publishing industry.


How they help you with the writing process

In the first steps of the writing process, your book coach is your Sherpa, your guide, your editor, and your cheerleader. Their primary role (and this can start even before you sit down at your computer), is to help you take that tangled web of ideas and turn them into a concrete outline and story. A great book coach will work with you to get to the heart of your story, and the best way to transfer it to the page. This can be through suggestions, probing questions, or a more hands-on approach, where you work together to determine how your book should flow.

While you are writing, your book coach will also be by your side. The best book coaches in the world know what grabs a reader’s attention, and how to translate a great idea into a well-written piece of literature. In addition, they’ll provide notes and feedback as your book progresses.

As any writer knows, it’s easy to get stuck (and often more than once) in the depths of the writing process, and especially when it comes to a book.  A book requires time, dedication, and consistency. And because of this, there are extra hurdles that you don’t necessarily encounter when you’re writing a Business Card Book, an article, a blog, or any short piece of writing. Staying motivated is one of the top challenges for writers throughout their career. And this is exactly why an estimated 90% of writers who start a book never reach that last page.

But enlisting the help of a book coach can drastically change the odds.

This is because a book coach will:

  • keep you motivated
  • help you discover ways to move forward
  • help you determine if you’re on the right track, every step of the way.

By the end of the writing process, your book or writing coach will have guided you to a satisfying work that you can be proud of, showcasing your story in the brightest light possible.


How they help when it’s time to publish

One of the best aspects of an experienced book coach is that their support doesn’t end with the final page. They are also there to help you navigate the tricky publishing industry. In addition, they can find the right avenue for garnering the most attention possible for your newly completed work.

In our modern era, there are several possibilities when it comes to how you will share your book with the world.

You can:

  • submit a standard book proposal to a publishing house or literary agent
  • self-publish via one of countless resources both online and in print
  • find a happy medium through a partner publisher, who will help you craft, market, and sell your finished work.

An experienced book coach has connections. Their intricate knowledge of the publishing industry as a whole will help you find the best path forward for your specific work. From helping you create a book proposal that will grab any publisher or literary agent’s attention, to finding smart alternatives to get your book on the shelves, a book coach will be instrumental in guiding you through the many possible options in the publishing industry.


How Do You Find a Great Book Coach?

The key to identifying a great book coach all boils down to experience.

You want a coach who:

  • has written a book (or a few)
  • knows the challenges that writers face
  • has experience in the publishing industry
  • has helped other authors turn their personal stories into literature.

As such, a little screening and a few questions are essential before you officially team up with a book coach. Be sure and ask them about their experience, their qualifications, and for examples of successful partnerships in the past. A book coach with a long history of helping other people bring their ideas to fruition is a great sign, and should be a prerequisite when it comes to hiring one who will help you excel in every stage of the writing process.


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Why Should You Hire a Book Coach?
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