Authors: Five Ways to Fine Tune Your Writer’s Voice

3 Oct, 2018 Book Writing,Events,Reading

As an aspiring author, you have your story, and you’re ready to share it with the world, but how will you tell it?

A writer’s voice is arguably just as important as the topic itself. Also referred to as prose or style, your story will draw readers in. But it’s your voice that will keep them engaged until the last page, and eagerly await your next book.

Think of your favorite writers, or the last book you read that you just couldn’t put down, and you’ll notice there was something about their style that had you hooked. The best writers’ voices almost seem effortless, like you’re engaged in a casual but enthralling conversation.

And finding your own unique voice is a feat that can be challenging for even the best and most influential writers in the world.

Are you not quite sure what your voice is just yet?

Or maybe you want to fine tune your style into something uniquely yours?

Consider these tips to help you find, sculpt, and perfect your writer’s voice.


Finding Just The Right Voice for Your Book

1. Just write!

It really is that easy!

The more you write, the more you will develop your style, and the more it will be perfected and ingrained over time. Keep writing your book, or try journaling or tackling a new topic that interests you to find a new source of inspiration.

Practice makes perfect, and this is especially true when it comes to writing.


2. Try different styles, and different points of view.

First person or third person?

Casual or formal?

There are so many different ways to craft your story. And it’s understandable if you’re not initially sure about the best way to proceed.

So start experimenting! Trying out different narrators and voices is a great exercise that can eventually lead you to a style with which you feel wonderfully comfortable.


3. Think about your audience

Are you writing for kids, young adults, or older readers?

Is your target audience interested in a specific genre, topic, or general field of interest?

How you write can depend on the readers you want to reach. So consider your audience, and create a voice that will resonate with the people who should listen.


4. Read and make mental notes

It’s easy to get lost in a book, but have you ever paused and considered why you loved one novel, but didn’t like a different one?

Chances are that some of your own tastes are connected to the writer’s style.

So read thoughtfully, and make note of authors or styles you like, versus ones that were a little off-putting. As a result, you’ll find plenty of inspiration from your favorite books along the way!


5. Connect and ask for help

Feedback from other writers is crucial for determining how your voice comes across, so find your community!

Share with friends, family, or join a writing group, and ask for guidance on how you come across.

For an in-depth tutorial, come join our Book Bound By The Sea event in January 2019 to truly immerse yourself into the writing process.

You’ll learn everything you need to know about finally writing, publishing, and successfully marketing your book. With a community of writers just like you, this is an ideal opportunity to connect and fine tune your own beautifully unique writer’s voice.

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Authors: Five Ways to Fine Tune Your Writer’s Voice
You have a story to share, but do you know how it should be told? Finding a writer’s voice is challenging for the most experienced authors, but these tips will guide you towards finding your own unique style.

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