New Authors: Take Your Writing to the Next Level

8 May, 2019 Book Writing,Events,Getting Published

Putting an incredible story to paper can be an intimidating venture. You know your story inside and out. But for many new authors, condensing these experiences into a book can be a difficult process that raises ample questions and potential obstacles along the way.

And if you are a new author, you’ll likely want to find ways to enhance your abilities and style that are effective, but which don’t slow you down. For example, college courses or other classes can be helpful, but they can be both time consuming and pricey.

So how can you improve your skills in a short amount of time?

Start with these tips to help you enhance your writing abilities to boost your confidence that your story is certainly worth sharing.

Four Easy Things New Authors Can Do to Improve Their Writing

1. Have a Thesaurus Readily Available

Word choice is crucial for conveying exactly what you want to say in an engaging manner, and increasing your vocabulary will naturally enhance your writing style.

As such, new authors should always have ready access to a thesaurus – either in print or online. This way, you can find that perfect word or phrase to convey your ideas.


2. Enlist a Proofreader

You don’t need a professional proofreader or editor to ensure that your style, grammar, and content are all in good shape, in the beginning stages of getting your story to paper. After all, you’re not writing your book for editors – you’re writing it for all kinds of everyday readers!

So as you start writing in earnest, enlist a friend, colleague, or other partner to check in and review your book to look for any missing threads. Ask them to provide feedback on how the story flows, if it’s easy to read, and if there are any plot holes or jarring sections that need to be addressed.

Essentially, a proofreader can help you ensure that your book is engaging throughout, without any hiccups along the way.


3. Read Similar Books

Chances are, there is an overlying theme, message or subject matter in your book. So check out the competition, and see how other published authors have tackled the topic!

This is especially true for specialized subject matters, such as a business card book that focuses on a specific profession, as you can compare how other authors have covered the topic, and can identify ways you would change, expand, or mimic their styles.

Just make sure that you don’t mirror their style too much – you have your own voice, and you want to make sure it’s continually heard throughout your book.


4. Attend a Book Bound Event

A Book Bound event, which is typically held once or twice a year, is a fast but fully immersive way to uncover everything you need to know about writing and publishing an exceptional book.

Ideal for new authors, (and even potential writers who haven’t started crafting their book yet), Book Bound will ensure that you leave with an outline ready to go, and a clear path on moving forward.


Come join our upcoming Book Bound event in June, and discover how simplified it can be to start writing your story and becoming an author. I look forward to seeing you there!

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New Authors: Take Your Writing to the Next Level
Want to enhance your writing skills, but can't attend lengthy college courses? Then start with these easy to take your writing to the next level in no time.

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