The 4-Step Process to Publishing an eBook

10 Jul, 2015 Book Writing,E-Books

How-to ebookThinking about publishing your first eBook? It may sound daunting at first, but it’s a relatively easy and straight forward process. Yes, it will require some work, and there are also technical hurdles you must face. However, most seasoned authors will agree that learning the ropes of eBook publishing is well worth the time and energy it requires.

The Trend of eBooks

There’s been a growing trend towards the use of digital download eBooks as opposed to traditional paper and hardback. According to a study conducted by Pew, 28% of all US adults have read at least one eBook in the past year. That number is up from 23% in 2012. Subsequently, the number of Americans who have read a book in print dropped just slightly in 2012, with only 7 in 10 saying they have read a paper or hardback book.

Choose a Publishing Platform

First and foremost, you should choose a publishing platform for your eBook. Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (AKDP) is arguably the single most popular publishing platform, and for good reason: it has the greatest reach since it’s attached to the Amazon marketplace; it’s easy to use; and the payment structure is more than fair. Of course, there are other platforms available from which to choose as well, so don’t feel like you are restricted to only using AKDP. Both Apple and Google have their own publishing platforms. And while they may lack the user base of Amazon, they are still viable alternatives for eBook authors to consider.

Write Your Book

After choosing a publishing platform, go ahead and write your eBook. I recommend choosing a publishing platform first, as this will dictate the format in which your book is written. Granted, you can always go back and change or fix formatting issues, but it’s easier to do it from the beginning. If you need help writing your eBook, read through some of our previous blog posts here at We’ve covered numerous topics regarding eBooks and how to write to them. With that said, it basically follows the same structure as a typical paper or hardback book — you choose a topic, research the topic, and begin writing.

Proofread and Edit

Even if you begin with appropriate formatting for your respective publishing platform, you’ll still need to go back and proofread your eBook before publishing it. Even the most seasoned authors are bound to make a mistake, which is why proofreading is important. Furthermore, many publishing platforms will reject your eBook if it contains too many errors. Your book will lose credibility as well, and turn off potential readers if it contains grammar, punctuation or even typographical errors. Your best bet, if you can afford it, is to hire an editor to review your book. At the very least, get a friend or family member to review it.

Publish It

When you are comfortable with your eBook, go ahead and submit it to the publishing platform of your choosing. Keep in mind that most platforms won’t publish your eBook immediately. Instead, it will go through a review process. Assuming everything looks good, it will then be approved and available for purchase/download.

What are your thoughts on eBooks? Love ’em or hate ’em? Let us know in the comments section below!

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