Writer’s Block? Here’s How to Fix It!

19 Jun, 2019 Getting Published

Writer’s block isn’t uncommon by any means. And it’s not unusual to reach a point in the writing process where you are simply “stuck” and are having trouble moving forward with your story.

But whether this occurs on the first page or the last, there are likely some underlying reasons why your creativity and motivation has waned, and your productivity has slowed to a crawl.

If this happens at some point while you’re putting your story to paper, don’t be discouraged!

Instead, consider these common reasons why you’re “stuck” in your writing. We also have ideas for what you can do to overcome the writer’s block hurdle and keep moving forward.

Four Reasons Why You Have Writer’s Block

1. You put too much pressure on yourself

Your book will be your legacy and how the world sees you as an author. Hence it’s no wonder that too many new authors put an overwhelming amount of pressure on themselves to be “perfect.”

But you don’t have to make sure every single word shines to be a great and adept author!

Get your head out of a perfectionist mindset. Instead, concentrate on what you want to convey without worrying too hard that your writing is 100% pristine. Remember that when you work with a partner publisher, you’ll have a guide to copyedit and revise your book once your first draft is complete.


2. You hit a nerve

When you’re brave enough to share your story, you’ll likely encounter instances and events that you would rather not share, and which bring up unpleasant memories. As such, it’s understandable that you’d rather skip these sections, and focus on the happier aspects of your story instead.

But it’s important to include these moments in your book, because they are instrumental to your story, and who you are!

So keep in mind that everyone goes through challenges. Plus the fact that you have overcome your own obstacles has the power to inspire countless readers to overcome theirs. By focusing on the positive outcomes of sharing your story, you’ll be more willing to dive deep and power through those unpleasant memories.


3. You’re distracted

When life starts to get busy with work, family, and friends, it’s easy for your writing to take a backseat so you can concentrate on the other important tasks of the day.

But if this happens too often, your book and story may get left behind entirely!

Instead, set aside a few minutes out of every day to sit down and write. Even if you give yourself just 15 minutes every day to keep writing, you’ll keep your motivation going, without interruption.


4. You’re scared no one will listen

Many authors start to doubt the power of their words and story, and may abandon their book as a result.

But if you’ve been told that you should share your story by friends, loved ones, colleagues, or even strangers, then listen to their words!

You have the power to inspire, to encourage, and to leave a little piece of legacy that will be remembered and treasured by you and your family for years to come.

So trust yourself, keep going, and see how powerful your story can truly be when it is shared with the world.


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Writer's Block? Here's How to Fix It!
Getting “stuck” is a common occurrence for writers, but there are things you can do to get past the writer’s block and keep your story moving forward.

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