Defeat Writer’s Block & Unlock Your Purpose

10 Jan, 2018 Productivity

Is writer’s block holding you back from pursuing your passion and achieving your purpose?

Writer’s block plagues even the most experienced writers! Whether it’s your first or tenth book, you’ve probably found yourself staring a blank screen, unable to write a single word.

Even when you have the idea in your head and you’re buzzing with thoughts, just getting started can be a challenge.

Writer’s block is just a hurdle and you will get over it!

You have a story to share. There are people out there who need to hear it. You have a responsibility to share your story and create a legacy.

Every writer has their own unique style including their voice, word choice, syntax and so on.

Writers also have different types of writer’s block! Identifying which type you have will help you find a solution and finally get over the slump.


Which type of writer’s block do you have?


1. Don’t Know Where to Start?

Perhaps you find yourself unable to write those first few sentences.

Instead of being stuck at the start, skip the introduction and begin writing in the middle. You can always go back and write it later. In fact, you may realize as you’re writing that your introduction has changed as your writing evolves.

You’ll often have an easier time writing an intro after you’ve written several paragraphs of the body.

If that still doesn’t work, just start writing anything. We call this a mind dump. It can include quotes, phrases, keywords, stories or any bits of information that will start to fill up your screen!


2. Unsure of Yourself?

Second guessing yourself limits your creativity. It happens to many writers, so you are not alone! Give yourself some slack and allow yourself to write freely.

Don’t worry about your work being perfect the first time. Just write what’s on your mind and heart. Editing doesn’t occur in the first draft, so it doesn’t have to be perfect!


3. The Perfectionist

Have you ever hit a roadblock just on a particular section or idea?

Even if you’ve been trucking along well, one section can derail your productivity and bring everything to a halt! In this scenario you have to option:

  • Skip it and come back to that section later.
  • Take a break from writing for the day and revisit it tomorrow with a fresh perspective.


4. Lost Your Train of Thought

Sometimes we get carried away and start to deviate from the main point or idea we’re trying to express. If you don’t have an outline, your writing may come across as unfocused or cluttered.

Go back and look at your outline to determine if it is still consistent with your message. Maybe it has evolved. If so, make adjustments to the outline first before going back to your writing.


5. Unmotivated to Write

The start of a writing project is usually when you have the most motivation. Once the the hard word really sets in and you start to feel challenged, motivation may decrease.

Don’t give up! Rise to the challenge. Remember your purpose!

You have a story to share. You want to leave a legacy. Stay focused on the end goal.

Just be sure to know the difference between when your creative juices are spent and when you are procrastinating. Taking a break is a good idea to recharge, but don’t get so distracted that you never get back to finish.

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Defeat Writer's Block & Unlock Your Purpose
Identify which type of writer’s block you have and find a solution to finally get over that hurdle and unlock your purpose!

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