Why You Should Work with A Partner Publisher

15 May, 2019 Book Writing,Getting Published

Up until very recently, if you wanted to share your story, you first needed to find a publishing house that would allow you to do so. It wasn’t until the rise of the Internet era when authors suddenly found that they didn’t have to be chained to an agent or a publisher in order to be successful, and that there were new options for transforming a personal story into their very own book.

And when it comes to flexibility, availability, and even profitability, a partner publisher can offer a world of incentives that a traditional publisher is simply unable to provide.

So what are the benefits of enlisting a partner publisher to tackle your book instead of a traditional agent or publishing house?

Here are just a few ways a partner publisher can help your writing process, your bottom line, and your ultimate success.

Four Reasons to Work with a Publishing Partner instead of a Publishing House

1. You can work at your own pace                             

Finding an agent or a publishing house is not a fast process. It can generally take one, two, or even three or more years for a publishing house to go from the first draft to the finished book. In addition, there may be sudden deadlines or obstacles that pop up along the way, that can either rush your writing process, or slow it down to a snail’s pace.

With a partner publisher, you can work at our own speed and only proceed when you’re satisfied that your book is truly finished. On the flip side, you don’t have to wait years for your book to hit the market, and can enjoy your success that much sooner.


2. You can keep more of your income

An agent or publishing house can take a big chunk out of your income, depending on your agreement, and this number tends to go up the more success you enjoy.

But with a partner publisher, you get to reap your own hard-earned rewards, and keep 100% of your book rights and royalties, ensuring that any financial success your book enjoys stays in your hands.


3. You have more say, and more freedom

It’s important to have several rounds of copyediting to catch those little issues that you may not notice after long hours of writing. But a publishing house may go further and make drastic changes to the mechanics of your story that you didn’t intend, which dilutes your overlying message.

But when you work with a partner-publisher, you have much more freedom in the editing realm, because you’re taking the reins. As such, your words remain your own, without outside influence.


4. You have a direct line to success

Finding an agent or a publishing house is an extra step in the writing process that can add years of time to your finished book. You have to spend countless hours reaching out to agents, revising your query letter and submissions, and querying some more. And all this work doesn’t guarantee that your story will eventually make it to physical and online book shelves.


But with a partner publisher, you have a guaranteed route to success. With ample rewards and minimal roadblocks, a partner publisher is a great way to effectively share your story with the world.

There’s so much more to know about publishing your story into a book. Find out all you need to know from start to finish, at our Book Bound Workshop next month! You can register here for the three day event happening in Plano, Texas. I look forward to seeing you there!

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Why You Should Work with A Partner Publisher
There are more options than ever when it comes to finding a successful route to sharing your story! Here's why a partner publisher is great for new authors.

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