Why Publishing Your EBook Is Easier Than You Think…

15 Feb, 2017 Book Writing

Are you ready to finally get your book OUT of your head and ON paper?

It’s about time, and lucky for you, the pathway to publishing your book is easier than ever! There’s the traditional route of publishing a hard copy, or you could consider “getting with the times” and opting for an eBook.

In a recent study on Amazon eBook sales, the top 5 major publishers have lost shares in eBook sales, while the percentage of “indie” and self-publishers has steadily increased.

In fact, “4 of Amazon’s overall Top 10 Best Selling ebooks were self-published indie titles.” (Jan 2016)


Not convinced, eBooks are right for you? Take a look at a few of the many pros, in the case of eBooks.

eBooks Are Cheaper to Produce and Publish

The cost to publish and distribute an eBook is significantly less than a hard copy. For the reader, the cost to purchase is typically also lower, thus increasing the audience base.

eBooks Are Portable

A big consideration is your target audience and eBooks are much easier to transport. If your book is business-related or specific to your industry, your reader may be a working professional who travels often.

In that case, an eBook may be the more convenient option.

eBooks Are Easy to Purchase and Download

No need to travel to the bookstore or wait for an online purchase to ship when offering an eBook. In just a few clicks, your book can be downloaded and ready for immediate enjoyment.

Most eReaders Allow for Note-Taking or Annotations

Most eReaders come equipped with the option to highlight, bookmark, annotate and take notes, as you go along. This feature can be particularly resourceful and beneficial for content-heavy or informational reads.

Display Is Adjustable

While eReaders are not the best option for before bed reading, many offer the ability to adjust to day and night. What’s more, many allow the reader to alter the font, which adds a personal touch.

eReaders Have More Storage and Take up Very Little Space

Without a doubt, eBooks are the more convenient option. In the palm of a hand, one can hold dozens of books. If you plan to write a series or several books, offering eBooks may be the most lucrative option, so your reader can access all your work in one place.

eBooks Are Eco-Friendly

If carbon footprint is important to you and your reader, eBooks are the clear winner. You’ll be doing something great for the environment, as well as your readership!

Publishing your eBook is as easy, as these four steps.

1. Choose a Publishing Platform

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (AKDP) is the most popular publishing platform, for several reasons: it’s easy to use, the payment structure is fair and supportive of the author, and it has the biggest reach.

Google and Apple also offer publishing platforms, so check out your options– you want to be confident and comfortable in your decision, in order to reap the most benefits of your authorship!

2. Write Your Book

Arguably the most challenging step, yet the most important! Getting your book OUT of your head and ON paper takes dedication and a significant commitment of time and energy.

Whether you’re struggling to find your voice, topic, cover image or more– we have plenty of resources for you; check them out:

3. Proofread And Edit

Everyone makes mistakes– no matter how many times or how thoroughly you review your book, you will inevitably miss some something.

The easiest way to lose credibility with your audience is by having an error in your book, making it even more important to check, double check and edit, edit, edit!

If you’re considering hiring a professional editor, first have a friend or family member review, as a form of “phase one” editing. After a couple of rounds, send it on to a professional editor, who will clean it up and polish to perfection.

4. Publish It!

When the moment has come, where you feel your book is ready for the publisher– take the plunge! Submit your eBook, then sit back and relax.

Keep in mind, your eBook won’t be published immediately, as it will go through an initial review process. Once it has been approved, it will be published via your chosen platform and ready for purchase!

I Can Help!

Publishing is just the first step! To get your book in even more hands, you’ll want to spread the word and market it effectively.

 So, What Comes After Writing Your Book? You’ll just have to stay tuned, to learn more!

Would you rather someone else do all the heavy lifting for you? Check out our Publishing services, and set your track to authorship in the fast lane!

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Article Name
Why Publishing Your EBook Is Easier Than You Think…
The pathway to publishing your book is easier than ever! There’s the traditional route of publishing a hard copy, or you could consider “getting with the times” and opting for an eBook.

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