Want to Be an Author? There’s No Better Time Than the Present

5 Jul, 2018 Book Writing,Books and Literature,Getting Published

Do you have a flair for writing and dream of becoming a published author?


Plenty of people share this dream, but they also share a common problem: financial constraints.


It used to be that publishing a book was only for the uber-wealthy or those who landed a multi-million dollar book deal from a big name publishing firm. But, now with the age of computers and internet, anyone can write a book within a reasonable budget.


The key is to self-publish your book.


A lot of authors use the services of a ghostwriter to write an entire book or a part of the book for them. This can be quite costly. And it is certainly one of those things that does not support writing a book on a budget.


When you choose to write the entire book yourself, you’ll save a lot of money in the process, and also ensure the story you share is entirely your own.



As an Author, Just Be Yourself

For many, writing a book sounds like a highly daunting task. I can totally understand that! Before I wrote my first book, I felt exactly the same way. Not only that, but also, who would choose to listen to me? Who am I to write a book?


But, I do believe you can write a book if you carve out just 15 minutes per day.


If you focus on what you want to say and more importantly, focus on something you know how to say, something you’re good at and something you’re passionate about, then it will flow out of you. It won’t even feel like effort because it is uniquely, truly you.


I see so many people write books about things that they may be good at, but are not passionate about. They end up struggling to write a book year after year. Yet, if it’s something God put inside you as your passion, and you want to share it with people, it will just naturally flow out easier. It will be the story you were meant to share.



How to Write a Book in Just 15 Minutes a Day


Can it be done? Yes!


The key is: to break it down into piece parts.


One day, write an outline.

The next day, break down the outline even more.

And then another day, carve out a story or two in a chapter.


When I was writing my first book, I didn’t have the luxury of time. So I had to do a little here, a little there. But even without being able to spend all day writing, I still had the entire book done in only 3 weeks!


If I can do it, you can do it! Just. Start. Writing.



Keep Your “Why” in Mind

One thing I urge all new authors to keep in mind is their motivation for writing.


Why are you writing a book? What is your WHY?


If nothing else, do not write a book to make money; instead, write a book to create opportunities that will earn you money.


For example, once you become a writer, you may be surprised how public speaking, coaching, workshops, and much more, become available to you. These such activities only increase your credibility.


Once you start delivering technics and ideas in public, you simply increase your value as a public servant. You build your own brand and credibility. Your book is the brand that opens up various opportunities for you.


At some point, you have to just GET STARTED. No one is going to do it for you; no one is going to push and motivate you as much as you can yourself.


I’ve helped thousands of people get their book OUT of their head and ON paper with my live event, Book Bound Workshop. But I recognize, a live event isn’t for everyone.


That’s why I’ve created Book Bound Online. Everything from the 3-day live event, accessible to you anytime, anywhere.


I urge you to check it out. There’s no better time than the present to share your story with the world.


Now, you have no excuse not to WRITE A BOOK!


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Want to Be an Author? There's No Better Time Than the Present
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