What No One Tells You about Becoming an Author

21 Feb, 2018 Book Writing,Books and Literature

Why do you dream of becoming a published author?

Is it to gain credibility in your field?

Inspire others to take action?

Help someone overcome a difficult time in their life?

There are a million reasons to write a book. You probably have your own motivations and ideas of what being an author looks and feels like.

But, you can’t truly understand how becoming a published author will change your life until you DO IT!

Authorship brings a whole host of unexpected lessons, opportunities and experiences to your life. Here are just a few of the things myself and other published authors were surprised to learn after writing a book:


Writing a Book Will Help You Find Your People.

When you share your story, you’re putting your heart on the line for others to discover. When you do that, when you are truly open and vulnerable. You will attract exactly the right kind of people who are meant to be in your life.


Writing for Yourself Is More Important than Writing for Others.

Of course, you write your book to share with others, but the experience of FINALLY getting your book out of your head and onto paper can be unimaginably healing.

If you write with compassion for yourself first, your true strengths and gifts will naturally shine through your work.


Writing Makes You a Better Learner.

Even after writing and publishing hundreds of books, I learn something new from each and every project.

Usually it is something unexpected that I already thought I had the answers for, or had “figured out.” Becoming an author has taught me humility and openness to new ideas because I realize the learning truly never ends.


Why do you want to become a published author?

What does sharing your story with the world mean to you?

Your journey to authorship starts with “Book Bound Online”, where you can learn how to write, edit, publish and market your book anytime, anywhere!


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What No One Tells You About Becoming an Author
Here are three of many surprising lessons we have learned from becoming published authors.

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