Self Publishing Services: What to Consider

23 Oct, 2020 Getting Published

Today, new authors no longer need an agent, a publishing company, established connections, and basically good luck to finally see their book come to fruition. For hundreds of years, the only way to have a book published to a large audience was to work with traditional publishing houses. And only still a very small number of brand new authors successfully made the cut. But our modern internet age has created a wealth of new opportunities for publishing authors just like you. Today, it’s possible to share your story with a global audience with ease, with endless options when it comes to self publishing services.

Self publishing is certainly on the rise when it comes to popularity – both for authors and readers. And it shows no signs of slowing down in the near future.

According to recent statistics, self-published books now account for up to 40% of eBook sales. In addition, eBooks themselves are also on the rise, and account for more than 40% of book sales and counting.

So if you want to share your story, but are worried about finding a publisher, (or might not be able to reach a large audience with self publishing route), have no fear! Self publishing is quickly becoming the new norm when it comes to publishing, marketing, and selling books. And now there is a wealth of benefits to taking the reins when it comes to publishing your own unique story.


Potential Benefits of Using Self Publishing Services

You have control

With self publishing, you have the ability to control any and all aspects of your book, from editing, to cover design, to release date and marketing initiatives.


You can publish your work quickly

Traditional publishing houses often have a 12-18 month turnaround time from final draft to published book. But with many self publishing services, (and especially for eBooks), publishing your work is a remarkably fast venture and can even be completed in days.


You have a longer shelf life

Brick and mortar book stores often have a limited shelf life and time to distribute books that are new arrivals. However with self publishing, (and especially for eBooks), your work will always be available via online retailers and other platforms.



Types of Self Publishing Services

Google “self publishing services” and you’ll find an endless list of different companies, organizations and retailers. These services can transform your manuscript or final draft into a published book.

But remember that not all services are created equal, and before you begin, it helps to get a better idea of your many different options.

For one thing, self publishing companies generally fall into two categories:


These are publishing companies that sell books directly through their own retail store, which is typically an online platform. With retailers, authors work directly with the company itself to publish and sell their book. Some examples include Amazon, CreateSpace, Apple’s iBookstore, and Barnes & Noble’s Press, and other book retailers.



These publishing companies have more extensive services. They offer options for publishing and sales, but also help with distribution to a wide number of partner retailers, stores, and even libraries.

While aggregators tend to charge an additional fee or commission for these ensuing sales, (typically in the 10-20% range), they also help share your book with the widest audience possible. They can help authors reach channels and platforms that may not otherwise be available. For example, Scribd is a subscription service that boasts more than 80 million users worldwide, but does not accept submissions directly from authors.

With these classifications in mind, it’s helpful to determine if your goals are better aligned with a retailer or an aggregator. From there, you’ll find that there are lots of additional publishing service options as well.


Additional services for publishing your book

As your book progresses, and you start to think about your next steps in terms of publishing, consider if you’ll need your self publishing company to perform the extras.

Some additional services are:


Freelance editors, partner publishers, and some self publishing companies will offer copyediting services. This way you can ensure your book will be as polished and perfect as possible before it goes to print.


Cover design

An eye-caching cover can do a world of good when it comes to retail sales, especially considering that in a crowded marketplace, you have just seconds to grab attention. As a result, some publishing companies provide cover design assistance. You can even enlist the expertise of a freelance artist as well.


Book marketing

Depending on the level of involvement and / or commission charged, your publishing company may also help with marketing. This could include online ads, social media campaigns, websites, critic reviews, press releases, and more.


Layout and formatting

You may need assistance with the layout and format of your book, especially if you are publishing a traditional, printed copy of your work. A number of self publishing companies, (especially for printed works), can help you with your interior and exterior book design. They can also help with extra elements to help your book sell, such as your ISBN code.


Finding Assistance with Self Publishing Services

Remember, too, that even if you do go with a self publishing company for your story, you don’t have to go it alone!

Book coaches and writing coaches can offer a world of assistance when it comes to publishing your work. Or you could also go with a hybrid self publishing company – also known as a partner publishing company. These will do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to editing, cover design, interior formatting, printing, and more.

Today, it’s never been easier to publish your own work and share your story. With so many success stories tied to the self publishing industry, now is the time to share your story, get your words on paper, and make your dream of publishing a book come to fruition.


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