How to Publish Your Book Faster

31 Jul, 2019 Book Writing,Getting Published

Are you thinking that time is your obstacle to write and publish your book? Is this thought preventing you from authoring your own book and sharing your story?

Many authors believe that writing and publishing a book can take years or even decades to complete. They think this because the process – from writing the first page to printing your finished work – seems like it will be lengthy and drawn out every step of the way.

But this couldn’t be further from the truth! In fact, I have seen a number of first-time authors have their book published in just three to six months. Granted, this timeline can be longer or shorter, depending on a wide range of factors. But there are also a number of things you can do to ensure a quick turnaround.

And when it comes to publishing your book, time matters! The sooner you publish your book, the sooner you can reap the many financial rewards and other benefits. This certainly includes the proceeds of your book sales.

But it can also include a number of other opportunities, such as:

  • enhanced exposure for your business
  • new career possibilities such as speaker engagements
  • and a number of other benefits, which I outline in my new book, The Power of Authority: How to Get the Revenue, Respect, and Results You Deserve by Authoring a Book

My new book will be hitting the shelves in the next few weeks! But in the meantime, consider these little tips to speed up the process of publishing your own story, and get your book out there that much faster.

Tips to Publish Your Book and See It on Shelves Sooner!

Keep it short

You don’t have to write a full-length novel to publish a successful and readable book, especially if you are using your book to position yourself as an expert, and grow your business. A business card book is an effective tool for business owners that can help cement your role as a leader in your field, and it can grow your client base and business in more ways than one.


Write every day

The important aspect about authoring and completing a book is to keep moving forward. Set aside 15-30 minutes every day to write, and don’t veer from your new routine. By writing on a daily basis, and keeping your focus on your book, you’ll be amazed at how fast the writing process can go!


Use a partner publisher

A partner publisher is a wonderful resource for new authors! Your partner publisher will tackle all of the more detailed aspects of getting your book published, such as copyediting, cover design, and even ISBN and Bar Code Registration.

Learn more about the many services offered by a partner publisher at, and use your publisher as your best resource once your manuscript is complete.


Want to learn more? My new book coming out, The Power of Authority: How to Get the Revenue, Respect, and Results You Deserve by Authoring a Book, is full of tips that will help you both write your book, and explore all the different avenues to make it as successful as possible. In the meantime, keep writing, and keep moving forward, and you’ll be amazed at how quickly you can complete and share your story!

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How to Publish Your Book Faster
Worried that it takes enormous amounts of time to author a book? See how easy it is to share your story and publish your book way sooner than later.

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