Does Writing a Book Scare You?

22 Nov, 2017 Book Writing,Panic and Anxiety

Over the years, I’ve met a lot of business owners, leaders, entrepreneurs and plenty of other people who had a story in them but were afraid to tell it.

They thought, “who am I to write a book?”

Who are you not to write a book?

There are plenty of “reasons” you might think authorship just isn’t for you: uncertainty, introversion, anxiety or fear. 

What do you think of when you think of fear?

Fear gets a bad name, but what if I told you fear was actually good.

There is such a thing as healthy fear.


“Normal” Fear

…holds you back and anticipates failure.

…makes your second-guess yourself and ignore your instincts.

…causes unnecessary stress and emotional strain.

…keeps you safe from real, tangible dangers.

            …is a road block.


Healthy Fear

… is a figment of your imagination.

Fear is simple a product of your thoughts and emotions — the things you tell yourself you should be afraid of. Fear is subjective; it’s our thinking that gets us into trouble.

Before writing your book, there are plenty of “unknowns.”

Will you succeed? Will people like your book? Will you even finish your book? And, what comes after your book is published?

All these and many more are totally valid questions, but they shouldn’t hold you back from telling your story.

Fear can be a powerful motivator. For example:

  • Fear of living paycheck-to-paycheck can motivate one to advance their career or switch jobs.
  • Fear of anonymity can lead one to leaving a legacy.
  • Fear of monotony can motivate one to follow their passion.
  • Fear of not leaving a legacy can inspire you to write your book and share your story.

Get the idea?


Leveraging Your Fear

Let’s look at how you can leverage your fear and make it work for you.

Figure out what you are afraid of.

I remember when I wrote my first book, I was afraid of how people would perceive me, what they would say, what they would think about my writing. 

Once I faced my fear full-on, I was able to step into my greatness and finally put it on the back burner.

So, what are you afraid of? Identify your fear (or fears) and start to take ownership.


Embracing Your Fear

Embrace your fear, but don’t get attached to it.

When our brains identify something as dangerous, it sends a message to bodies to avoid it at all costs. Physical sensations of fear can manifest into stress, tense muscle, fatigue, etc.

Once you stop associating your fears with danger, you can start to tackle them in small doses.

Tell your fear, “I recognize and see you, but I won’t hold on to you.”


Making Fear Work for You

Make your fear work for you.

Start to put yourself in uncomfortable situations purposefully.

If you’re afraid of public speaking, book a speaking engagement or volunteer to lead a team meeting at work.

Do you fear the judgment of others? Join us at “Book Bound by the Sea” and share your story in a safe and inspiring environment. Give yourself the opportunity to face feedback, and you’ll see it is a blessing.

Fear gives us a nature high, a burst of adrenaline and shot of serotonin to the brain, meaning we physically crave fear. Once you’ve tackled your fear the first time, you’ll be aching to do it again!


Making Fear Your Friend

Fear is your friend. Ready to tackle your fears? “Book Bound by the Sea” is exactly where you need to be to get started.

Alongside dozens of like-minded authors, you’ll gain the tools and confidence to tell your story, open your heart and pursue your passion with surety and enthusiasm.


I Can Help

Join us at “Book Bound By the Sea”

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Does Writing a Book Scare You?
Fear gets a bad name, but it can be a powerful motivator for writing your book. Learn how to leverage your fear to share your story and leave a legacy.

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