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Too much in your plate?

8 Nov, 2014

Procrastination is one of those things that sometimes we’re conscious of it, sometimes we’re not. But what happens when we procrastinate and how it holds us back from what we really, really want in life, is why it’s so important to learn how to overcome it. I tend to procrastinate or I have procrastinated quite […]

make your goals public

1 Nov, 2014

make your goals public. Telling others what you want to do with your project, with your life, with your business, with your passion, this will hold you accountable. Accountability is so critical. Whether you ask a friend at work, whether you ask somebody in your family, whether you hire a coach like me, or anyone […]

Dust Off Your Dreams

18 Oct, 2014

Most people have dreams. Some might not put them into action but they still have them, pushed into the recesses of their minds. “Some day,” they’ll tell you, “I will accomplish XXX.” What are they waiting for? Why do they settle for living a mediocre life rather than an exceptional one? Why do they think they […]

Practice Discipline and Motivation

11 Oct, 2014

Discipline and motivation are vital to overcoming procrastination. Ask anyone whom you consider successful how they manage to continuously work on their goals, and never stop until they reach the finish line. I bet they’ll say it takes discipline to stay focused and keep going even when the going is tough or unpleasant. Practice focusing […]

Identify What’s Holding You Back

4 Oct, 2014 ,

Take a close look at yourself and identify any behaviors that could be related to fear, anxiety, concentration or time management. Understand why you have these behaviors and try to eliminate them. Understand your goals and your purpose. What is it you really want to accomplish? How do you want to live, act and feel? […]

Why do we procrastinate?

27 Sep, 2014

Why do we procrastinate? Why do we let meaningless situations get in the way of our dreams? Why do we put off starting a new business, losing the weight, or taking that trip? What is really so important in life that we have to put our dreams on the back burner? Here’s the good news; […]

Live Events Change Lives

15 Sep, 2014 , , , ,

The next few months are going to be very exciting and I have several opportunities for you that will radically change your professional and personal life. They are quickly approaching so here’s the scoop. You may know that I’m a BIG believer in LIVE events. Live events change lives! It did for me two times, […]

Flip The Switch

25 Aug, 2014

I tend to procrastinate. I can start my day with the best of intentions to get important tasks done, but I soon find myself detouring from the path. I end up filling my hours with busyness and errands. I know the most important things I need to do, and the ones that will bring me ultimate […]

What Do You Believe?

7 Jan, 2013

I had a great reminder today. I was talking with a friend, About the direction of her life… It’s not really going the way she planned. But then the coolest thing happened, After some self-reflection, she realized that she has total control of her life and where she wants it to go. She had that […]

Motivator & Millionaire

3 Jul, 2012 , , ,

Do you want more for your life? Do you want more money? More success? How about someone to motivate you? On-demand! When you need them. Well, guess what? I can give that to you. First, let me tell you about my amazing day yesterday. It’s not often that I get to meet a motivator and […]

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