Motivator & Millionaire

3 Jul, 2012 Productivity

Do you want more for your life?

Do you want more money?

More success?

How about someone to motivate you?

On-demand! When you need them.

Well, guess what?

I can give that to you.

First, let me tell you about my amazing day yesterday.

It’s not often that I get to meet a motivator and a millionaire in the same day. Not just one person, but two!

One of the perks of having my own radio show is that I get to meet the most amazing people from all over the world to pick their brains and find out how they got to be where they are today.

CJ “The Motivator” Small is an author, speaker, coach and success magnet. He will inspire you, motivate you and share with you how to live a life of Greatness.

Elon Bomani went from homeless to a millionaire in 18 months. Her story is honest, relatable and inspiring. In our interview, she shares exactly how she became a millionaire and how you can too!

The tips they shared, including some investment tips, are priceless and I knew you would want to have access to this information right away!

You can listen to these interviews now or on-demand from The Winning in Life Now Radio Show, hosted by yours truly.

Be prepared to be blown away by CJ & Elon’s success, sincerity and desire to help you become a motivator and millionaire as well.

Take action!

Michelle Prince
Author, Winning in Life Now

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