write a book – part 2

24 Dec, 2014 Book Writing

Writing a book is easy

If you think that only gifted people can write a book then you are wrong. It just requires some simple steps to help you become a good author.

  1. Passion: Anyone and everyone can write a book as long as they have the passion for what they’re writing about.
  2. Uniqueness: If you think of writing a book then you should be unique. You can take inspirations from your favorite writer but do not make an exact copy of the writing style.
  3. Clarity of thought: You have to have a clear and vivid idea about the theme or topic of the book, what the book is all about.
  4. Decisiveness: One of the first decisions that a writer takes is to decide whether he/she is going to write a non-fiction book or a fiction book. Once you’ve chosen that, you can choose your genre. For fiction books, you can take your pick from a myriad of genres: romance, action, adventure, horror, fantasy, mystery, comedy, etc or you can mash up two or more genres to form an interesting book. For non-fiction books you can choose any one of these niche: cooking, self-help, memoir, autobiography, business, etc.
  5. Research: Irrespective of what genre or kind of book you’re looking for, a lot of research is required and this cannot be done overnight. You can constantly pen down any idea that comes to your mind, give yourself time and suddenly the idea is going to pop into your head!
  6. Story Outline: Your next task will be the creation of an outline for your story, try and keep things organized in this stage. It might take some time but creating an outline for your book is very important because it acts as a blueprint for your masterpiece.
  7. Catchy title: You need to have a good title for your book, remember the title of your book is what’s going to be remembered by your readers even if they forget your name! So you might want to choose a good title. Take your time for this and stick to the title only if you’re completely satisfied with it.
  8. Write the book: The last step is quite obvious: write the book! Now that everything has been taken care of, it is time to devote your attention to the content of the book.

If you have all the previous steps right, your book is going to be a hit. Enjoy writing.


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