Want to Get Your Reader’s Attention Quickly?

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If you have spent hours browsing through books online or at a brick and mortar bookstore, then you already know that those first few pages can carry a lot of weight.

The beginning of your book sets the tone for the story to come. It is your opportunity to grab and hold a reader’s attention so they want to learn more – and inevitably pick your book off the shelf!

As such, make sure you make a solid impression right from the start!

First impressions are important in all aspects of life, but this is especially true when you are crafting a story that will educate, enlighten, and inspire your target audience.

So to ensure your book is an engaging and enchanting read from start to finish, enlist these little author tricks and tips to make your first few pages shine.


Five Tips for Grabbing Your Readers’ Attention Right From the Start

1. Don’t Give it All Away

Unlike a research paper or technical piece of writing, you don’t want to start your story with an overview of everything that is about to unfold.

Instead, you want to introduce your readers to the struggles that lay ahead, posing a couple of questions or potential scenarios to peak their curiosity and encourage them to keep reading!

In essence, you want your reader to have a clear vision of what your story is about, without revealing important plot twists and turns that shape your story in the pages to come.


2. Make Your Style Clear as a Bell

It’s tempting to formalize your writing style a bit in the first few pages to give a solid first impression, but your unique voice is what will draw your readers in to begin with!

So make sure your style is consistent throughout the book, and especially in those first few pages where exuding an engaging and familiar first impression is everything.


3. Start with a Dramatic, Game-Changing Moment

Have you ever noticed that some of your favorite books start with a bang?

Whether it’s a pressing dilemma, or a pivotal turn, or a snapshot of some of the obstacles in the book, these are a great way to grab attention.

Remember: you don’t have to start at the very beginning of your own story and simply follow it step-by-step to the end – with a little attention to detail and some smart editing, you can jump around and tease the audience about what’s to come from your very first page.


4. Introduce your Favorite Character

Is there a person in your book – real or fictional – whom you love to write about?

Perhaps they have a unique persona, point of view, or just a fun way of seeing things, or maybe they add a bit of drama to the story as the whole.

Well, if you find a certain character or individual fascinating, chances are your readers will too!

If it makes sense to introduce this person early, go ahead and allow him or her to make an entrance – a fun and fascinating character is always a great vehicle for drawing your audience into your story.


5. Return to the Beginning

When writing your story, always remember that you don’t have to have your first few pages “perfect” to keep going and finish the rest of your work!

Many authors return to the opening of their book once their story is complete to play with the introduction, and find the opening that works best. With attention to the importance of those first few pages – and how they grab your audience – your story will fly off the shelves.


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Want to Get Your Reader's Attention Quickly?
Want to grab your readers’ attention from the get go? Here are a few tips and tricks to employ to ensure your story is spellbinding from start to finish.

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