Share Your Story, Leave a Legacy

11 Oct, 2017 Book Writing,Books and Literature

Imagine if you have the solution to someone else’s problem, but because you didn’t share your story, they never found it.

Not telling your story is a missed opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives, as well as yours.

When you bring your passions and experience together to write a book, you become the expert and differentiate yourself in your industry.

Sharing your story leaves a legacy that lasts beyond a lifetime. Do you have a story to tell?

Just one of the things we experience in my “Book Bound” Workshop is how to get your book out of your head and onto paper.

Authors learn how to write, publish and market their books, so they can tell their story and leave a legacy.

Take a look at just some of the material “Book Bounders” dig into.

Define why you want to write a book.

What is your story? Your book always has a purpose, whether professionally, personally or both.

Now ask yourself, who needs your book? Who can benefit from your story?

What do you want your reader to gain, to learn, to understand, or to be inspired to do? Do you want to educate, motivate or something else?

Establishing your “why” or your purpose is essential in becoming an author.

Find your topic.

In “Book Bound” authors dig into identifying their topic. Everyone’s story is different; many authors use their book as their business card because they have a special expertise that differentiates them from their industry.

Authors learn how to take all the thoughts and ideas in their head, and center them around a decisive topic that gives shape to their book.

We’re all storytellers, knowing your topic will help you get your book in the hands of those who need it most.

Get your book out of your head and onto paper.

In a strategic exercise called “Mind Mapping,” authors literally get their books out of their heads and onto paper from the beginning of the workshop!

By the end of “Book Bound By The Sea”, you’ll have at least one book idea completely mapped out and on paper.

Authors also learn how to organize and divide their books into chapters and subchapters, in a way that makes sense for the reader, so your book can connect with as many people as possible.

Leverage author status.

Writing a book makes you the expert, in your industry or about your topic. Your credibility is both proven through your commitment and expertise shown through your book.

Once you become an author, you’ll have new opportunities to leverage author status, gain alternative revenue sources and get your book into more hands.

Becoming an author will also give you more confidence and trust in yourself. “Book Bound” will show you the greatness within you and help you achieve a higher purpose so that you can leave a legacy.

“Book Bound By The Sea” is back again this January 2018. Hear what other “Book Bounders” are saying.

Stop dreaming about becoming an author and make it happen.

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Share Your Story, Leave a Legacy
Do you have a story to tell? Sharing your story leaves a legacy that lasts beyond a lifetime. When you bring your passions and experience together, you can write a book and change lives.

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